Ashley Cunningham Hodges And My New Granddaughter Taylor

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  • October 28, 2012

I know this is a social media blog but my buttons are busting this morning. Yeah, one reason is that Notre Dame spanked Oklahoma last night, but there’s an even bigger reason that I’m on cloud nine this morning.

My daughter, Ashley Cunningham Hodges has been blessed with a healthy baby girl. This is Ashley’s second child. Her name is Taylor.

I am so proud of Ashley and so happy for her. Both mother and baby are doing well. Being that I’m a social media hound, I think what will come next is a blog about my grand kids. I’d love for them to understand their mixed race background.

It’s going to be important for them to know their Black American heritage as much as their White culture.

My ex-wife is a white Italian woman, and of course, I’m a Black man. Our beautiful daughter Ashley is the lucky benefactor of an interracial marriage.

So we all know there are special challenges that go along with being of a multi-cultural descent. Especially growing up in the deep south as Ashley and family are living in North Carolina.

Ashley’s done well with her interracial make-up. Not like she, nor her children can do much to hide it. You see despite fair skin, and even blue eyes, they were blessed with my undeniable nose. A feature I can blame my father for.

But that being said, I’ll be doing my best to make sure those grandkids understand where they come from and help them live a life free of shame.

I guess that’s my job. Now off to build that family tree blog for my grandkids, Tyler Hodges and now young Taylor Hodges.

I don’t think this smile will be removed from my face for some time!

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