What Is The New World Order Of Real Estate All About?

Whats The New World Order All About?

What's The New World Order All About?

Total Market Domination! That’s What the New World Order Of Real Estate is all about. The term “new world order” has been used to refer to a new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power.
Success in today’s real estate market and beyond is for those poised to seize the many opportunities available and to recognize that the real estate world as you may have know it is not the real estate market of tomorrow.

While the need for real estate agents has diminished, the role can be enhanced and even MORE profitable with a concerted effort to adjust and to accept change.

What: Introducing the New World Order Real Estate Business Development Series

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What is it?: The series will be a comprehensive 16 week re-engineering of the real estate business model for agents of any level of experience.

Who Is It For? This series is specifically developed for those real estate agents who desire to break free of conventional wisdom and leave the methodology of a quickly becoming obsolete business model behind. If you’re stuck on knocking on doors or sending out postcards to a farm area you are probably not going to be someone who is interested in this series.

On the other hand, if you are an agent who sees the changes happening within the industry and wants to learn how to become a real estate authority and to be a true well rounded real estate entrepreneur, than this series is very much for you.

About: This will be a fast paced individualized, information intensive program that will help those who are inherent self-starters and be a catalyst for those who yearn to become the same.

Pre-Requisites: An open mind. Be prepared to be taken on a mental journey that is limited by only that which you are prepared to wholly invest. In. You will learn techniques and strategies from some of the top minds in business and in real estate. You will be given the unique perspective of real time learning and self-implementation. This will be a true learn by doing curriculum.

How: The entire 16 week course will be taught via live and on demand online programming. You’ll never miss a lesson and you’ll always have the information and support to ensure your ongoing success. We are firm believers and advocates of technology and have seen the many benefits of interactive lessons and webinar type events.

From the comfort of your home or office, you will be able to:

  • Easily participate, logon, save and download various training sessions and documents
  • Each session is recorded so you can go back to it time and time again.
  • Whether down the road or across the Country, we will be able to afford any participant with the same level of instruction as someone right in our own office.

In the New World Order of real estate the Internet is the key to future sustained real estate success. With over 85% of prospective homebuyers and home sellers beginning their journey online, it is tantamount to failure if you are not prepared and educated with a high degree of proficiency in the methodology of this New World Order.

Many real estate agents are choosing to accept mediocrity rather than embrace change. It’s been too easy. Their friends in the business won’t change, their colleagues in the office won’t change and their brokers won’t instill or promote change.

They grasp on to the hope that the good ole days are coming back and that the market will come back and that the tried and used to be true old school methods will still work. That’s a fools game. It’s the blind leading the blind.

Fact: Many real estate agents are earning less than the poverty level. (source NAR)

Fact: Newspapers and postcards don’t work. Evidenced by the declining revenue and readership of newspapers…and the unbelievable announcement by the Los Angeles Times that they are discontinuing their real estate section of the newspaper! The consumer in the New World Order wants their information and will seek it out in the manner in which they want to.

Open Houses??? A joke, and another old school waste of time. Today’s consumer is not a lead! They don’t want an agent. They want service. They want expert counseling. They want to hear from thought leaders. Bus stop benches, glamour shot business cards and flowery intros just won’t cut it any longer. If you’re a salesperson in the New World Order, you’re dead in the water.

The good news. Anyone can up their game and be the expert and beacon of real estate resource in your local market. It’s not hard, but it’s a lot of hard work. That mere fact will separate the ordinary , mediocre real estate agent from the New World Order agent who will be seeking and attaining market dominance.

This educational series is designed for the New World Order agent to reach the consumer, where they want to be reached, how they want to be reached and in the manner in which they want to be reached. Everything you will learn will turn conventional wisdom completely upside down. You are no longer the focus. You are no longer center in design. Everything is designed to put the consumer in control and for you and the transaction to be completely transparent.

We want to work with a very special, select group of people who have the earnest desire to compete and train at a higher level. We have nothing to prove. If you want to continue earning what you are earning, if you want to continue using your current operational methodology, and if you are happy with your current level of success, then you need not apply.

We want the hungry. There will be substantial effort required on the part of our selected participants. There will be a lot of personal time and research required for you as a participant to succeed in this program. We want to work with those agents who absolutely want to dominate their market.

You must have a “take no prisoners” type of attitude and an emotional make-up to face other colleagues and brokers and understand that they are impediments to your success if they are not supporting your endeavors in this New World Order.

You also may want to accept the fact that they may not respond well to your view of market dominance. If you want to separate yourself from the others and re-engineer and re-create your persona and your business into a market force seeking to dominate how real estate is marketed and sold in your specific market and if you are prepared to put forth tremendous effort in getting there, then we want to work with you.

There is no age, location or gender specific requirements. The only requirement is a burning desire to set yourself apart from others in the industry and to seek market dominance. Do you think you have what it takes? Then apply to be accepted in to the private society of the New World Order of real estate agent.

The New World Order Of Real Estate Program begins on September 1, 2008 and runs through December 16, 2008. The price is $495.00 for the entire 16 week course and includes all of the documents that you will need for instruction, plus ongoing support via email and the private members only interactive forum, and includes your seat in the weekly webinar that drives the program.

We have created a seminar that shows those agents who want to succeed and break from conventional wisdom. Obviously this is not for everyone. If you want to knock on doors, mail out postcards, or hang out by the watercooler lamenting, this is most assuredly not the seminar for you. This event is for those wishing to break free of the chains of mediocrity and learn to prosper…in a New World Order.

The New World Order of Real Estate…16 weeks to Market Dominance!

Learn more about the faculty and the programming by viewing the New World Order information page.

The New World Order Interactive Real Estate Business Training Program is the most comprehensive real estate industry based business development series ever offered to help real estate agents maximize their income.

The entire 16 week, 24 module, training program is taught online and can be viewed from the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.

We have assembled a veritable who’s who of real estate and business to help you not just succeed, but rather achieve Total Market Dominance.

Click HERE to listen to the B&B Crew Announce this one of a kind program live on Real Estate Radio USA and speak to one of the faculty members, Travis Greenlee of Travis Greenlee Consulting.

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