A Cautionary Tale Of Real Estate Investing

A Cautionary Tale Of Real Estate Investing

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  • June 19, 2015

a cautionary tale of a real estate investing fisherman

Who Wants To Go Fishing?

Meet my friend Bubba. Bubba has had a burning desire to be a fisherman. he’s watched the tutorials, he’s read the books, he’s listened to webinars, he’s watched the videos and now he’s ready to take some “massive action” to catch some fish.

So Bubba bought some gear and headed off to catch some fish just the way everyone told him to. I bet there’s a chance, however slim, that Bubba might even catch some fish. Why?

  • It’s been proven that fish are in water.
  • Fish gotta eat don’t they?
  • They must want his bait…after all, the guys that sold the bait to him told him so…and they wouldn’t lie to him…would they?
  • Everyone knows that a fishing pole can be used to catch some fish.
  • And does it really matter if he’s fishing in the same pond with hundreds, maybe even thousands of other fisherman…there has to be enough fish to go around


What Bubba finds most interesting and appealing is that just about everyone has told him that this is the way to catch fish. Even the people who have never even caught so much as a single fish are telling him this is the way he can catch a lot of fish.

How could he possibly fail. So Bubba went out and got himself a fishing pole. It’s the exact same pole with the exact same gear that just about everyone else is using.

Who knows what he spent on his pole and rig. He may have spent thousands putting his gear together. After all, taking massive action must mean spending massive money. You see, that’s what he’s been told.

So now Bubba is ready. The only thing next to do is find the right pond. But that’s easy too! The other fishermen….even the ones who have never caught any fish themselves, are more than happy to tell Bubba where to go to catch some fish.

Despite the fact that just about all of the fishing data available to man clearly tells Bubba that less than 2 percent of all fish are caught in this manner…Bubba decides to ignore all of the information freely available to him and decides his other fishing buddies must have his best interests at heart.

“Screw data”, says Bubba, “I got this here guide that tells me I’m gonna catch a bunch of fish.”

A guide no doubt written by other “fishermen”, some who may have even sold him the pole or the map to get to the spot in the woods, who no longer actually fish but sell guides on how to fish. (America…what a country!!)

So Bubba heads out and he finds his spot and settles in. Doesn’t look like much, but hey…who knows…there might even be some fish in that pond. He’s confident because his buddies have told him over, and over, and over that fishing like this will yield him a bountiful catch.

fishgotawayThey may have even shown him pictures of the fish they caught and told him stories of the even bigger ones that got away.

He probably hungout with them and they laughed and scoffed at the other fishermen that told him how he might catch more fish.

They told him they’ve been doing it this way for years and to not worry, just keep doing this and EVENTUALLY you MIGHT catch something…in a few months…maybe.

But What Happens When Bubba Runs Out of Bait?

So you want to know what happens when the bait runs out and Bubba hasn’t caught anything? He’s comforted and told not to worry. He’s told to just keep at it. Just buy more bait and keep fishing!!

Of course, it really is that simple of a solution!

So months go by and Bubba still hasn’t caught any fish. Everytime he mentions to the other “fishermen” that he hasn’t caught any fish they just keep buying more bait and they also tell him to stick a sign in the water that the fish might see.

That’s really sound advice and Bubba wonders why he didn’t think of telling the fish that the food is where he is. Next thing you know, Bubba ran around the whole pond putting signs in the ground…all to no avail.

Those darn pesky park rangers keep taking down his fish signs! That and the fact that most fish can’t read. Dagnabit!

Might have to put them up at night when the park rangers are asleep…because they won’t see them in the morning.

fishfood for real estate investing

Well after putting out all those lines with bait and avoiding the park rangers at night, he still hasn’t caught any real fish. Sure, he had some nibbles. he even had a few on the hook, but most couldn’t be reeled in. But the fact that he had some nibbles can be seen as proof that what he’s doing “works”!

He now knows this is indeed the way to catch more fish. Eureka, Bubba has found the Holy Grail. He has seen the light.

Except Mrs. Bubba ain’t having it. She’s tired of hearing the tales. She’s tired of eating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. There’s only so many ways you can cook Ramen.

So Bubba succumbs. She’s a good woman, but he’s gonna miss her.

By the way, the next time you’re in the store, you’ll see Bubba there. Right next to the poster promoting his new book.

“How To Catch Fish On One Pack Of Ramen A Day”…seems that Bubba did learn from those “fishermen” after all!

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