Chinese Buyers Are Snapping Up Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

Chinese Buyers Are Snapping Up Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

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  • July 13, 2015

Chinese Stock Market Is In An Uproar!

It would be an understatement to say that the Chinese stock market has been quite volatile lately. With all of that chaos going on in their marketplace, the Chinese are seeking out the stability of the U.S. housing market.

The Miami-Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market Is A Good Hedge

The Chinese are finding South Florida to be a market where they can enjoy the opportunity to diversify their portfolio and look for long-term profit.

From CNBC:

Chinese are now the biggest foreign buyers of U.S. housing. They poured $28.6 billion into properties in the past year, more than double the investment of number two, the Canadians, according to the National Association of Realtors. They are seeking top schools for their children, better health care, fresh air and a safe haven for their cash amid economic uncertainty at home.

Fort Lauderdale offers what the Chinese buyers are seeking. We have great schools, top-level health care, the ocean breezes, and South Florida is a true safe haven for those looking to safeguard their cash via real estate investment.

While Miami has been seen as a global city with a tremendous allure, Fort Lauderdale has a wide range of luxury properties that will interest the Chinese. One of the big reasons is that compared to London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and New York, Fort Lauderdale affords buyers great amenities at a much more inexpensive price tag.

Has The Chinese Financial Market Crash Spooked Buyers?

While it certainly seems that it has, it hasn’t stopped Chinese buyers from pulling their money out of China and moving it over here..

“So far, we’re not seeing any slowing in interest from potential Chinese investors. And it’s possible that the stock market crash may actually have the opposite effect, and stimulate Chinese high net worth individuals to move money out of the country and into the relative safety of U.S. real estate.”

What are Chinese Real Estate Investors Buying?

We have houses for Chinese real estate investors here in Fort Lauderdale

According to many recent news reports and as sourced from Inman News:

Chinese immigrants are drawn to single-family houses. For many of them, the idea of a U.S. home is a single-family house with a yard and private garage. These homes are rare in China and are often reserved for the ultrawealthy. Naturally, our clients are excited to see houses in Los Angeles or Houston, which are much larger and cheaper than those available in Shanghai or Beijing.

Many Chinese immigrants are also interested in new condo apartments in large metropolitan cities. Schools and safety are among their top concerns when making decisions about which neighborhood to call home.

If you’re a Chinese buyer and you’d like to see an opportunity to generate a return of 14% or more on your money in a very safe and stable Fort Lauderdale real estate market, we may have something you’ll be very interested in.

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