UPDATE: Best Marketing Letter Ever To Homeowners In Foreclosure!

UPDATE: Best Marketing Letter Ever To Homeowners In Foreclosure!

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  • April 2, 2010

Update May 25, 2015: As you can see above, I wrote this article over 5 years ago. I wonder how many people reading this were even in this business 5 years ago. Here’s the deal. My background is in advertising and marketing. I’ve used a myriad of multi-media techniques to help my clients increase revenue and awareness. If they don’t sell more products, they don’t pay monthly retainer checks.

The reason I bring this up is because I’m not a real estate investor who does marketing. I’m a marketing guy who happens to do some real estate investing. There’s a big difference in that statement.

The former is someone who has a background or desire to make a lot of money in real estate and is trying to find the marketing that will help he or she make the money they desire. The latter on the other hand, me, is someone who knows how to market to consumers, has experience in knowing what consumers want and what gets their attention and uses that knowledge and experience to his advantage to make money in real estate. (and a number of other business endeavors)

This article below is one of over 6,000 articles that I’ve written. I’m re-marketing this piece now because I’ve been getting so many inquiries from people as to why I say the infamous yellow letter used by some investors is bullshit. I’ve NEVER sent out a yellow letter and I never will.

Here’s why. The goal in any marketing campaign is to get noticed. My campaigns are behaviorally designed for the biggest impact. Why send anything…traditional mail, email..or even video, if the intended audience isn’t going to pay attention?

The key in marketing is not to blanket everyone with the same message. Your objective should be to get the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time. Before you read any further, let me reiterate that so that it sinks in!

The key in marketing is not to blanket everyone with the same message. Your objective should be to get the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time.

What you’re going to see below is one such specific marketing piece that performed exceptionally well for me…in 2010!! And it’s still way beyond anything I have seen lately on the forums.

Most investors simply send out the same yellow letter in the same pink or purple envelope that every other investor is sending out. I’m sorry to tell you, that’s not marketing.  I think a smart guy we all know had the more appropriate definition of what that kind of activity is:

insanity in real estate investing

You see, while people in my market send out blanket “I want to buy your house” letters to everyone on some regurgitated list, I’m sending out very specific marketing pieces to very defined markets.

For instance, the marketing piece below is ONLY being sent out to homeowners who have a short sale currently active on the MLS in specific zip codes that I want to target. Think you could find a few of those. If you can find them, do you think your yellow letter campaign has a snowball’s chance in Hell of even being opened?

In addition, I don’t have to send this out more than once. I don’t need any additional frequency or saturation in this marketing campaign. It’s so defined, it resonates strongly with the right people…at the right time…and it has a very compelling message. I give them actionable information that compels them to call me or go to this website. A simple yellow letter pales in comparison. It’s not even close.

So feel free to take a look at the article below. And then feel free to click on the category heading and see more short sale info. Yes, most of it is from a few years ago. I’m taking my time and updating this site as we’re now ramping things up again. There’s a boat load of free content on here that you may find useful. And it’s all free.

As you’ll see, I’ve been at this a long time. Pretty much “been there, done that…and have lots of t-shirts.” I love my real estate investing and I’ll always give you the straight scoop. It pisses off some of the guru types but who cares. They’re just trying to make a quick buck.

I hope you enjoy the article below, and if you do, maybe you’ll want to come back and check out more. Have a great day!

Short Sale marketingRecently we have been using a killer ninja like marketing letter to reach homeowners in foreclosure. When I say this is ninja I mean like uber-ninja. It’s so much of a guerilla marketing tactic that I doubt most real estate investors would dare to use it.

However if you are involved in real estate investing to actually make money, then this is a serious “take no prisoners” approach that will pay off in a BIG way.

 Caution: The use of this letter is not for the meek and timid. Using this letter will piss off so many Realtors that you may have to watch yourself in line at the grocery store!

Seriously…we have had some of the most vile emails and voice mails left by Realtors (you’ll see how fast the Code of Ethics goes out the window) that it would make your head would spin and even the most hardened Teamster blush.

But you know what…I don’t care. I am so tired of calling and emailing Realtors offer after offer and getting their pompous aloof attitude. You’d think that they were actually closing some deals. At least you would think so based upon the pablum they spew when their feathers get riled…and boy does this marketing letter get them riled up.

Now for the good news. We are getting an unbelievable response rate. So great that we can only send out 20 or so letters per week! What would you say if I told you that we get a 30-40% response rate? Yep…we get to speak to 6-8 homeowners per week who want, and have to, sell their home. How do we know they need and have to sell their homes? Because they are already listed! Told ya it was diabolical!

You see we drive the neighborhood we farm or have our network of double agents do a search on the MLS and pull up the homes that are listed as short sales. Then we cross reference that with the foreclosure auction list from the Courthouse and BAM! Instant lead list of Sellers who want and need to sell their homes in a friggin hurry.

What makes it so easy is we give the homeowner the ammunition they need to expose their “Short Sale Expert Comelately” as being inexperienced and we impart a bit of scarcity by letting them know that we know when the bank is taking back their home and tell them they better call us before it’s too late.

I could go into more strategies…but I don’t think I will have to. You real estate investors out there who do this as a business will see the value in this piece. As for you agents who might get ticked off, don’t get mad at the playa…get mad at the game.

If you actually answered your phone and new how to perform comps you probably would close more deals but I don’t have time to hold your hand anymore and in our market, I don’t need you anymore either. So you brought this on yourselves!

Now before the lynch mob comes calling, understand this. For nearly 3 years we have been writing and speaking to Realtors across the country and telling them that they needed to change things up and improve their proficiency. Some listened, most have not, and they just rely on a silly business model of getting as many listings as possible without any regard for actually learning how to increase closing efficiency.

So I think there has been plenty of fair warning. It’s money time and there is just too much opportunity in real estate investing these days. When we can make as much as $10,000.00 on a $30,000.00 house or as much as $100,000.00 on a $400,000.00 house, this is no time to be messing around with the weak or coddling the wicked.

So we’re going to take as many deals away from as many agents as possible, and from our efforts a couple of things will happen. Sellers will avoid foreclosure and some agents will be forced to step up their game or they’re going to starve. Either way we generate huge profits.

If you use this letter you are admonished to tread carefully as undoubtedly some will strike out at you. But when you cash that check for 5 figures on your first deal, you’re not going to care one bit.

So let the games begin!

Short Sale Marketing Letter

here’s a bigger sized version

p.s. there are some really covert ways that you can implement in the utilization of this letter. Do you know how? I’d love to hear how you think that you could use this letter so feel free to leave a comment below.

oh yeah…I almost forgot, we have charged as much as $1,500.00 to develop a marketing piece for our clients. So this one is a real gimme and I hope it helps you make some money out there.  BTWHere is the short sale letter / postcard that some marketing minded agents asked to take a look at for their business campaigns.

Update May 25, 2015: In 2010 when this article was written the average success rate of short sales was indeed less than 25% nationally. As of today (May 25, 2015), that number may have changed nationally as it has here in Broward County, Florida.

Here in Broward, less than 23% actually close. Think there’s still an opportunity to penetrate this market?

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  • Dustin says:

    Nice piece…

    I am wondering if this letter can also work for Realtors trying to market to sellers. Any ideas?

  • Unfortunately Dustin I fear that if you used it as such the local grand poohbahs would come down upon you like the Wrath of Khan! If you are interested, I can look at hooking up a bro with a less lethal version that you could utilize… gratis of course.

  • Dustin says:

    Yeah I kinda figured that too….well if you are offering a less lethal version then I’m certainly willing to accept…Thanks!

  • Hey Dustin..I would hate for you to be the subject of the lynch mob so give me the weekend to get you something less volatile that an agent can use to farm areas in general…not necessarily listed properties.

    However…there is a real easy way for an agent to use this letter. I’ll email you how that could be done. Notice in the article I mention some really covert ways to implement this strategy…I’ll email you one of those strategies.

  • Dustin says:

    Thanks Barry and good looking out. I wish you and the family a Happy Easter and thanks again!

  • Hey Dustin..you relax and have a great one as well. And Happy Easter to you and remember..HE is risen!

  • Gustavo Alvarez says:

    Interesting Letter! So you get the call from the home owner all frantic to sells, over whelmed with sleepless nights. Now What? You set an appointment, visit the home owner, accept their price and do what with the contract? How do you get around the exclusive agreement with the agent? Love to know.

    Thanks for all your great ideas.

  • Durrell says:

    Hey Berry,
    I am with Dustin on this article. How can i use it to get listing in San Marcos, CA?

  • Barry – feel free to share the wealth on those ideas… I have seen realtors set up shell companies as investor groups and use pieces similar to this – but they implement it in such a way that destroys their credibility in the brokerage community – and when (not if) there are hiccups along the way with a buyer or seller of a property and that investor groups ends up getting charged with misrepresentation of some sort or for not disclosing that they are licensed or otherwise… I have agents and myself am an investor – but we have a very clear policy that we disclose disclose disclose… never get hurt by clearly stating that we are acting as investors and are licensed the same.. not looking out for the interest of the home owner…

    yet in some cases we are hired by lenders to help with loss mitigation work – and with short sale listings… so in those cases we have to put our investor hat to the side and put on the Realtor hat… there is no crossing for any deal.. we simply find another investor to buy the deal..

    strategies for implementation is one thing – but making sure conflicts of interest don’t arise is a tough thing – especially now with all these defaulted home owners just searching for a solution – ready to give up all their information if just anyone would talk with them and offer them even a glimpse of a shadow of hope that a sale and settlement offer might be reached with their lender…

    I also see a lot of realtors and investors taking advantage of the seller’s situations by positioning themselves into an option or subject-to contract with no recourse and no guarantee – then renting the homes for whatever they can get – effectively making rent on a property with no investment or legal ownership – most never even file an affidavit of equitable interest either… then when the foreclosure process starts – if its FHA – they list with themselves – then forestall the foreclosure process due to the new (march 09) Pre Foreclosure Sale program guidelines… for another 6 months… then MAYBE they put in an offer of their own on the house to the bank – not disclosing the nature or existence of the original option or installment subject to contract – and try to negatively impact the appraisal and BPO thus further interfering with the bank and consumer mortgage contract…

    In our office – we have strict guidelines… no renting properties if its not yours…
    If we do – its as a property management service and the owners receive the benefit (rents) less our management fees… no exceptions.. We also make sure to clearly tell the servicer how we are acting… and they usually appreciate it and work better with us knowing we know the short sale rules, are licensed and acting on the buyer’s behalf… of course we provide reasonable comps to whomever they send out – and we do our job – but we certainly dont purposely destroy a property like some of these “gurus” out there are promoting investors do… its just wrong…

    This letter – while very targeted to defaulted LISTED homes – would simply not work for a REALTOR who does not have a strong brokerage and ethical guidelines to follow in excess of those mandated by the REALTOR organizations… I can inveision the tv commercials and radios spots now… ” Did you or your friend lose a home in foreclosure? Did your realtor or an investor promise they would solve your problems but your home was still taken from you? Did your realtor pretend to be working for you but instead was not? Did you loose your hard-earned equity in your home because of an investor scam?… ” …” call XYZ Laywer…. helping homeowners recover whats rightfully theirs… “did an investor steal your house for pennies then resell for big profits?”…

    its just a matter of time guys…

    we have to get some solidarity of disclosures out there… then we can focus more on these awesome attention getting letters…

    I was an investor first – got my license because I was tired of waiting on agents to call me back… now I am a HUD, FannieMae, BofA, Ocwen, any dozens more listing broker and I own the brokerage… I work hard…

    I suppose I would be a bit upset if my client got one of these letters – but I have excellent communications with my clients and they understand the foreclosure process in our state better than most investors or realtors out here do anyhow when I’m done with them… I teach them this stuff – plus they can log in to my website at any time and see all the comments and work flows for the short sale with lender comments, buyer comments, agent comments and tasks for each party… so a letter like this might intice a phone call but not a withdrawn listing… but then again – we are not new at this either… and I do agree -there are too many agents trying to wing it out there… not good… misrepresentation of abilities is going crazy…

    bound to get a lot of comments for a letter like this…

    Id be curious as an investor to see how something like this could be modified to generate more business for my investment groups as well as my team of agents…


  • Hi Gustavo thanks for your comment and for stopping by…

    Here’s what happens:

    1. We get the call from the homeowner and we set the appointment
    2. We go over, contract in hand and show the homeowner how we can get the deal done..RIGHT NOW
    3. As for the exclusive agreement with the agent…the agent’s listing agreement covers the listing. The Seller can accept any offer, at any price and the Seller is obligated to honor the listing or not. It does not matter to me whatsoever. The agreement is for the listing…so all we do is put the agent’s name on the contract and make sure they get their commission..which is based upon on our contract price. Basically the agent takes what we give them OR..if they want to play Billy BadA#$ we tell them they can sue the homeowner and chase him down for the commission. It 100% of the time shuts them up..remember they already know thatthere’s no blood in that stone and they can’t touch us …not even possible to touch us. I’m not an agent and I don’t have to worry about any brokers or realtor boards.
    4. Then once we get the deal under contract (and under bullet-proof lock and key) we set the wheels in motion.
    5. Next steps being taking the short sale under our control and working the deal for maximum benefit and profit (you know what that means!)

    Also…most importantly…we make sure that the agent TERMINATES their listing. That’s the most important part of this. Why….stay tuned..same Bat channel! Same Bat Time !!

    Now go get some deals!

  • Wow Eric..that’s a long one…where do I begin…first let’s talk about shell companies. Unless you’re Tony Montana there is no use for a “shell” corp in what we’re doing. We’re talking real biz so no reason to hide whatsoever. And you are right. Nothing at all wrong with disclosing everything. Heck..our disclosure document has 34 different clauses. One of those clauses outright says that the only reason we’re talking to you (homeowner) is because we are looking to make a SUBSTANTIAL profit on the sale of your home. Let’s go ahead and get that out in the open right away. Why hide it? If you’re in business, that’s why you sent the marketing piece to begin with. I don’t offer counseling or advice. I’m looking to buy a house at a great price so that I can sell. Real estate is a commodity. It’s just like gold, oil, and orange futures. It seems only Realtors have the problem in thinking that you’re “trying to steal a house”.

    Yet these are the same people who will negotiate the heck out of a car dealer or haggle at a flea market. Until obama absolutely eliminates Capitalism, the sole reason for being in business is to make a profit. So hopefully no one including the Seller is surprised by that. It’s pretty much a given!

    A lot of what you say refers to scam artists. People who exist to take advantage of people and that stuff is BS. Anyone who works that way is a short timer. I’m not advocating that nor do I condone it. We’ve been around for almost 2 decades and that’s because we do things the right way. Have I had some ticked off customers? Yes. But that is to be expected. Have I lost money? You betcha! But we’re still here, learning and moving forward and telling people the straight scoop without having to sugarcoat anything.

    There is not a single law that we violate and I’m not worried about any lawyer or Court reviewing any of our documents. I don’t offer any resolution other than buying your house. However what I can tell you where there will be some liability. The liability will be in the fact that Realtors tie people up hoping for that white knight, taking listings they have no business taking, grossly misrepresenting their experience and then having the homeowner lose the home to foreclosure while they were posturing.

    This week, 2 offers we had submitted and signed fell through. Why? Because the agent didn’t even know when the auction dates were. We had to tell them and their homeowner what happened. Imagine how that homeowner felt when we told them we were fighting to get the deal done for almost 2 months but the agent would not return our calls or emails until their Client got this letter!

    Funny thing…it’s amazing how quickly agents contact you when this letter shows up. The same aloof and pompous wannabees who postured as short sale experts come groveling for mercy when this letter falls in the homeowner’s lap!

    I applaud you for the efforts that you take to educate your team and your clients. I wish you were here..we could do some business together..maybe we can even look at something in your neck of the woods.

    Dustin, one of our readers who is an agent asked me the same question of the possibility of there being a little bit less of a flamethrower available for agents to use. I told him I would work on something over the weekend..I’ll forward the same to you.

    Have a great weekend!

  • I’m gonna work on one for agents..stay tuned!

  • Pat says:

    LOVE the straight forward no crap directness. Wish more of the brethren & sistren were this up front.

    And yes, He IS risen …… ain’t ya glad?

    Happy Easter, my friend. :o)

  • Thanks Pat for the comment and for stopping by! Yes…I am glad! Have a great and blessed Easter Weekend!

  • Barry Cunningham wrote: Eric wrote a very eloquent comment in response to this article. In order to respond I embedded my comments but not a single change was made to any of his words. My responses are in bold.

    I’d just be worried that an agent might construe this as a willful interference with their business contract with the seller and go for a personal judgment against an investor using such – not necessarily for those agents that have no clue in the first place – but for an experienced broker like me – who also teaches this stuff – a client might be persuaded to a different direction than at the advice of his/.her agent/broker… which of course means that the contract is broken – and I concede that trying to sue the seller is worthless in this case – but we can place ucc liens on properties in some states where commissions were due under a contract… exclusive right to sell…. exclusive agency is something different – too often interchanged… beyond that – I agree – doing so would not do much good except to delay the investor from reselling if they were able to come up with a real buyer and negotiate with the mortgage lien holders or otherwise… if it ends up in foreclosure and in some states clearing the title post auction during the redemption period (where applicable) is when all liens are cleared anyhow and investor can be free of a lien such that the likes of a broker might place… clear for resale… the lifting of the fha 90 day rule was huge – coincidentally that notice was given on Jan 15th of this year ( my birthday… well not in 2010 obviously)… but that would free investor to redeem and resell or continue short sale post auction…

    Barry Cunningham response…umm Eric, the Investor doesn’t have a contract with the agent and as long as the agent received a commission…from the Seller, the Agent would not have any grounds against the Seller whatsoever. Placing a line on the property, without the expressed written consent to do so, as some put in their listing agreements, could put an agent liable for clouding the title. By the way you know this is all moot. Most agents won’t pay for postage. There’s NO WAY they are going to retain an attorney..it ain’t never going to happen. As for suing me, bring it on. We both know there is absolutely no grounds against the Investor.

    The big questions is – was the broker entitled to any fees at the point you entered the picture – most cases not… but if the right to sell and your marketing efforts – which you admit above – were as a result of that broker’s specific listing for a short sale – means that that brokers specific listing caused you to be aware of the listing and your marketing was targeted specifically to those cases wherein an exclusive agency agreement is rendered between the seller and said broker and whereas you would not have otherwise been privy to the distressed nature of that seller/prospect – are you not in fact purposely interfering with that broker and sellers contract by excluding them from the negotiations and with such language as you have put forth here?

    Barry Cunningham response…The broker and agent have absolutely no say so in the negotiations. In fact down here most listing contracts go as far as to avoid the appearance of the agent being involved. In fact they created a new type of agency to keep liability away from the transaction. Again, as long as the agent gets the commission percentage agreed to by the Seller, ther eis no grounds against the Seller and certainly no grounds against ANY Buyer. An Investor, Uncle Charlie, the Good Reverend…NOBODY!

    Now mind you that I was an investor first and I totally agree that this tactic will work – and unfortunately describes so many of my fellow agent colleagues to the T… whom don’t have the experience or brokerage experience to efficiently handle these types of transactions (whom should be held liable in my opinion for not disclosing to the seller such inexperience… in commercial transactions in real estate – especially… I think its actually kansas law that agents must either disclose or include in a transaction the services of an experienced agent who has knowledge of and expertise in the type of transaction or property being listed or sold to be able to “represent” as an agent for… but that’s a whole other can of worms…)

    Barry Cunningham response….Not only does your state’s law say that…the almighty Code of Ethics says so as well. That’s why in a past article I called the COE a veritable crock of a document. Where’s the NAR and local brokers in enforcing that? You know that’s one of the reasons I believe you won’t see agents challenging my marketing letter to much. If they make too much of a stink they are actually going to open themselves up to a serious ass whooping and bunch of liability. Here’s a scary question one would have to answer…How many listings of homeowners in foreclosure have you taken that have ended up being taken back by the bank and did you disclose that to each succeeding client that you have not had any success in short sales.

    Bottom line – inexperience on the investors part or the realtors part causes big problems for these families in need – who are often at the worst point in their lives they have ever faced… they need honesty and full disclosure… I think investors can market to the agents more efficiently as well… ask to be introduced… then again there are just an abundance of lazy people in my field – I admit…

    Barry Cunningham response…..I agree..agents don’t own the market on incompetence whatsoever. There are indeed a ton of “Investors” out there who have given us a real bad name and need to be held accountable as well.

    but it goes back to a standard rule of business – you can not purposely interfere with a private party business arrangement and not expect some form of personal liability in most states…

    Barry Cunningham response…..I have to VEHEMENTLY disagree that my marketing letter is interfering with any business relationship. Not sure how things are run in Kansas but here in Florida there is no “relationship”. As I said, they do everything they can to make sure that there is no such relationship. In fact, in 1992 Florida created the option of having no agency nor fiduciary relationship between brokers and sellers or buyers. And the Transaction Broker was born! This hybrid means that agents have “no more than a facilitator relationship, transaction brokers assists buyers, sellers, or both during the transaction without representing the interests of either party who may then be regarded as customers.”

    As a VERY experienced broker – if I stood to lose a substantial commission – I’d be very tempted to turn to our staff attorney to go after any investor in my area using something like this who does not have as much if not more experience with these types of transactions as I did – which would be hard to prove since I do hundreds of them a year… as do a lot of your readers…

    Barry Cunningham response….your attorney would tell you, and I am sure, that you can file anything against anyone…but you would end up spending money and losing. A lot of people cower when they get a letter from an attorney threatening them. One day I got a call from the NAR attorney telling me what I said in an article was slander and that he was going to file suit. I laughed, gave him the number and address to my attorney and hung up. I never heard from him again. True story!

    Many less capitalized Investors would run scared. If I got a call from your attorney on a case such as this I would let him know what he was in for and to govern himself accordingly. I’m pretty sure he would advise you that you have no grounds against me.

    But you know what, even if he filed a friviolous lawsuit…I’m sure he would not be taking it on retainer and it would cost you a lot more than it was worth. Besides…how would you be losing your commission.

    No where in my entire article did I say that the agent would not receive a commission if they were entitled to it. I have nothing to say about the deal the Seller cut with the agent? Nor do I care if commission gets paid. Doesn’t come out of my end or affect my numbers whatsoever…I think commission is a moot point.

    anyhow – the point is – the statement that the realtor basically cant do anything – is more than anything a statement of past experience and a reality that is true – but if it were to happen to me – and the investor was a prick to me – I would be a prick back… I can guarantee I can make it not worth that investors time to mess with me on any of my listings…

    Barry Cunningham response….Eric..I respect you but you are correct. All that you could do is be a pain. Do you think for an instance that I would let a realtor stand between me and a 5 figure payday? It would never happen. Besides…what are you going to do? Hold up a deal and let the homeowner lose his home while you scream bloody murder? Not likely. We know you can’t do that. You see, you would be in such a position of liability and the public outcry would be so horrible in the media that it would leave a stain on your business for a very long time. I can read the headline now… “Local Wichita Realtor Sues Homeowner And Forces Him To Lose Home To Bank…film at 11..” could you even imagine. When it all came out that someone bought the house from your client and you got paid the commission percentage on your listing and you sued the homeowner to hold up the deal or placed a lien on the property…OMG I think you’d have to leave town!

    instead – I would more than anything try to work with such an investor to help them understand that working with brokers is often a good thing… but finding the right ones to work with is the key… if a seller calls you and is unhappy with their current realtor – yeah… that happens… then referring to a broker or investor that can get the deal done is the right thing… simply trying to encourage the seller to break an otherwise solid business agreement for the sake of weaseling into a deal which you otherwise had no knowledge of if not for that broker – is to me at least a clear violation of numerous state and federal laws for such…

    Barry Cunningham response…..Eric..I think you are misunderstanding. Actually I can tell you are by reading your derogatory words…”weaseling”? C’mon, I made an offer, that the Seller has the clear choice of accepting or denying and there is no law that they need to clear such decision with their Broker. Sorry…there’s no such kind of law. By the way…who is encouraging the Seller to break an agreement. His agreement is to pay you commission..which in our deals, actually happens. So I am at a loss as to what you are talking about? Are you actually saying that a Seller can not accept an offer unless the listing agent approves it or gives it the ok? No way…like you said..you are experienced but I can not believe that is what you are intimating.

    does it work… I am positive this will work…

    if it happens to me – I’d look at several things – if the investor has experience – if the seller ended up at least as good as they would have if they continued the relationship with me (or could have reasonably been expected to have) and how much money I potentially lost as a result of such a targeted marketing campaign by that investor…

    Barry Cunningham response…..Eric..that’s a lot of futuristic variables that hold no water…”potential revenue”…”potentially lost”..that sounds like Obama math. You know..check out the jobs we saved? Besides, by the time you are doing your calculations I would already have sold the house a second time. Think about what you are saying here…

    No liability by you – I dont agree… good letter – good calls to action – mostly fair representation of what really does happen in our industry – you bet… I cant deny that… but to target a listing of mine with something like this – if I ever found out – I’d be all over your butt with law suits…

    Barry Cunningham response……Like I have said above, anyone can sue anyone for anything. The weak cave to those letters. I simply forward them to the guys in suits and make my money. If I spent time looking over my shoulder wondering if some agent was going to file suit I would never get anything done nor would I be in this business. My law firm costs me a pretty penny and they are one of the biggest law firms in the world…not the city..but the world!

    By the way, as you can see how I write on our site and the type of marketing materials I produce…don’t you think as a businessman that I have already had them clear the letter and advise me on it? Do you know how many changes they made me do before I released it? It was even harsher BEFORE they had me tone it down. Eric..you’re a businessman and so am I. I’m not your everyday run of the mill, hide in the bushes, birddog.

    So understand we run things by the suits BEFORE we make a move My asset base requires me to make sure I am protected. That’s why I am so cocky it seems about responding the way I have herein. Hopefully you understand that I am not attacking you but really know what I am doing and have guidance and protection provided by some very good pitbulls who love to tango.

    Now – if you simply blanket an area around a listing you like – its not as easy to prove the willful intent to interfere with a broker and sellers relationship… not AS easy… from what I understand anyhow… if the seller breaks it without being otherwise enticed to do so – thats between the seller and the broker/agent…

    There are plenty of ways a seller can break their agreement… not the least of which is misrepresentation of their skills at getting this very specific type of transaction completed…. much less a history of doing so for others…

    In most states – the broker’s client can just say “your fired” and be released from most obligations… that said – if its just between the seller and the broker – and you are not enticing as I have mentioned it appears you are – than yeah – squeezing anything from a seller in such a horrible place in their life would be inequitable to say the least.

    Barry Cunningham response…….Ummm…now I’m sure you misread me. I’m not in anyway telling someone to break their agreement. All I’m doing is telling them that I want to buy their house! You’re putting words that were not said, and have not been said.

    So – investors – use at your own risk I guess is what I am saying…

    A few modifications and a strategy to hit say 100 houses around any given listing you’d deep down like to get in front of – would probably be enough to say it was not specifically targeted at stealing clients and interfering with a given broker./agent’s business contracts with their clients…

    you just have to be careful… for me – if its an expensive house where I stood to make 6 or 7 percent on the deal and I had documented all the steps I had taken on the seller’s behalf and can easily prove my work was completed on their behalf and someone squeezed in and took the deal without paying my fees – well I’d be a bit upset to say the least… but if I am a newb and cant justify it anyhow and the sellers were on a one-way track to foreclosure and eviction – well then I wasnt doing my job anyhow and the investor is therefor probably not interfering with much to begin with…

    Barry Cunningham response Aaaah…and there it is…finally…evidence that you misunderstood. I could care less if the Seller pays you or not. I’m not telling him not to and I would never instruct him to do so. So I guess this was for naught.

    Do you understand the liability and scenarios I am trying to express here?

    I love guru’s and investors… I am one… but having a solid understanding of so many aspects of this trade sometimes help me see things from a different perspective which could seriously affect a transaction – or impose significant liability…

    Barry Cunningham response….I think I have explained my position and have done so with great clarity and although I’m not a guru I do know what I am doing and I have great advisors with both legal and real estate experience so I don’t have to wonder. That’s their job…they get paid well to advis eon such matters so I don’t have to wonder or cast an unfounded opinion. I’ll leave that to other people.

    The mere fact you are saying there’s nothing that the broker can do about it… well might infer that you are telling your readers to use this letter then when they use it and get sued by a guy like me who they obviously cant compete with legally end up saying – well… this website told me this and that… it might appear as though you were giving legal advice… and perhaps incur additional vicarious liability not for your actions but for the actions of a reader who screws something up and points back at you as the reason for them using a particular mailer or form..

    Barry Cunningham response…..Hmmm…I think you missed the rather large red letters and the word CAUTION at the beginning of the article.

    the world we live in today is highly litigious. Even more now with everyone out of jobs and looking for handouts… it will probably get worse before it gets better…

    I love the slide-in you had about Obama… seriously – our country is on a fast-track for some serious “change you [can’t] believe”… I don’t hate Obama – but I am not sure he knows what he is doing to our country… perhaps he knows exactly…

    Barry Cunningham response…….Well we agree about something..but that’s another article all together!

    Just wait until Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are consolidated, the defaulted loans are turned over for property management as opposed to property preservation and disposition… i.e. government insured defaulted loans are handed back to fannie and freddie then they hire brokers like me to instead of giving BPO’s and helping with recovery efforts like cash for keys and deed in lieu or other foreclosure alternatives – much less simply helping to process expedient foreclosures and hiring us to list the REO home… but rather when they hire us to “manage” these homes… allow home owners to stay in their homes until a buyer comes along… Just wait… I should not say this – but I’m going to… brokers around the nation are already being trained on how to work with these government entities as a property manager rather than strictly as a reo or foreclosure broker…

    Investors… need to know… that when all these wonderful things this current administration is implementing related to home ownership and forestalling the legal right of lending institutions to recover the monies owed to them – i.e stopping foreclosures and demanding these banks and institutions “participate” in some “voluntary” debt forgiveness or modification program may not be the best thing… for our country…

    Barry Cunningham response……Can you hear that??? Cha-Ching! Mo Money..Mo Money..Mo Money! When the government gets involved in this stuff it just means more money for those who know what they are doing.

    Look – people lose their jobs… economic factors weigh in… homes end up in foreclosure – I dont know anyone who bought a home and are in foreclosure thought that they were buying to go into foreclosure… and knew that all these programs were going to be there to “save them”… seriously… I think there is a lot of good that can come of them – but to a point… simply allowing a party to reside there because there are no buyers… and the reasoning that it lowers the costs of fannie and freddie to have occupied homes which reduces loss due to all sorts of factors related to vandalism, rekeying, recovery services, maintenace items, etc… well its bogus… there is a point when we (public still gainfully employed footing the bill for everyone else) will realize that if the government owns all these homes – is not allowing them to be sold – rather becomes the largest single landlord in the nation – that investors who actually generate a good/service/add to tax base by improving properties – will have less inventory from which to invest in…
    If the other lenders have to “participate” due to other outside political pressures just to keep the licenses and insurances to operate their banks and institutions then are told that they cant recover their monies and have to “participate” any more than they are doing now – these lenders will go under… FDIC big boys step in – sell bank assets for pennies – and the government gets the waste… we end up eating it on numerous levels as tax payers and business owners and investors…
    If banks cant foreclose – lending stops… if lending stops – BUYERS stop… investors have no money to make #1 because government owns all the houses and #2 no buyer therefore no transaction between investor and end buyer and therefore investors stuck with lots home unsold homes they have to rent out – but have to compete with rental rates set by the glut of government owned homes they are renting… effectively setting prices in the entire US…

    Lord knows I’d hate to see that extent… lord knows how I got off on that tangent…

    Barry Cunningham response………Preach brother..preach! I love a man who has strong convictions and has no problem stating them. That’s why I spent so much time responding to your 2,400 word comment. Anyone who takes the time that you did shows great passion for what he does and has great value in what he offers his clientele. I only wish you were in South florida where we could work together…I really mean that!
    Its just a scary world we live in these days – investors need to participate with other industry professionals more than try to compete … its the only way we can keep tabs on Washington and ensure this industry is not taken over as well.. to that extent – I think this letter could use some improvements – but for pure marketing and getting your phone to ring… well… I’m pretty positive it’d do that…

    Barry Cunningham response…..I agree and would love to network with other professionals who feel the same and I offer an open platform for those like you to voice their opinion even though it may be in opposition to mine. We should all be able to speak out and respect each other as it will only serve to help the business moving forward. The NAR only serves to say what people want to hear. There are some obvious problems and we can all work together to solve them…but it has to start with a willingness to change.

    Long term viability within a marketplace for that investor? Not likely… at least not likely if done improperly… Call a very experienced and busy guy lazy for not returning a call – no worries – understandable… mess with his wallet and $ for his family – you get problems if it was unwarranted interference.

    Thats all I am saying… unwaranted interference… in my opinion all the banks sould be suing the federal government for passing all these laws that purposely interferes with their agreements to lend and collect on those lent monies… i.e. foreclose… then again – our country just passed laws that would require me to buy a service of insurance from another private company… unwarranted interference is nothing to some people…

    Are you that kind of person? I don’t think so…

    Barry Cunningham response…..I’m just a simple guy trying to buy some houses…that’s the kind of business person that I am. I applaud you for your commentary. We’ll talk soon!

  • ok no more crazy long distracted posts… for some reason got me excited to write today….

  • OMG Eric…where do I begin to respond? You see sometimes when you ask for things (comments) you get them so ya beeter be careful for what you ask for. I’m going to eat dinner, digest this and I’ll do an updated response tonight…Thank you for your opinions :)

  • Jim Santiago says:

    Great Letter. Looking forward to using it also, but woukd like a copy of the Realtor version too. Im a Broker in NC. Keep up the creative stuff. I Love it.

  • Wayne Malcomb says:

    It’s late and I may be dreaming but man there is a lot of chatter on this. If a professor has his PHD they call him Doctor but they do not let him operate on people. Just because we pass a test & pay the dues we are called Realtors but that does not make us short sale experts. I for one do not actively seek to list short sales or REO’s because there is more money in buying or finding a buyers for them. But if I did make listing them my business I would try to find an aggressive investor that would hammer out a deal and be agressively closing. If my client got a letter like this I would consider it a buyer lead and see how I could make this work and ask what else we could help him with. Remember nobody gets relief until someone pays. Short sales relieve both owner and lender of a problem. Whether you are an agent or investor we make money solving that problem. I happen to do more subject to deals. I disclose everything and get the same result. Both owner & lender are happy and I make money. Not as much as short sales but a lot less drama.

  • Hi Jim and thanks both for your comment and for stopping by. I’ll get you a copy as soon as I get it done this weekend.

  • Wayne..you are a sage! The proverbial nail has been hit on the head. We have had a ton of activity on this post and not a single person picked up on what it really was. A blinking neon light that says there’s a serious cash buyer here. I would think that agents would but going nuts! How often do you hook a whale? Here’s someone blanketing a neighborhood with letters and billboards and they have inventory that they don’t know how to move and they don’t know how to react.

    Over the last 3 days I personally sent out an email to 800 agents who have short sale listings. 10 replied. So I decided it’s time to pull out the big guns. So here we go. I will have homeowners calling by the boatload. We are going to inundate these neighborhoods with a huge marketing campaign. So instead of not answering phone calls or replying to emails..they get the alternative.an all out assault.

    Wish you were working this market..we’d make some money together for sure!

  • love it… I think we understand each other -0 and I do understand the point – you are a buyer… however so much depends on who and how the end investor using the letter and marketing campaign plans on buying… financing or using cash or transactional or jv… other? with so many short sales are being sent through my office with these fictional proof of funds letters by these transactional funding groups… I’d say 99% of them never fund and something comes up… the seller loses out in the end by accepting an offer that is not reviewed by industry experts and validated as a legitimate buyer with the willingness and ability to buy under the terms needed – its not only me seeing this… many banks I list for as REO broker will simply not accept them… and will flat out blacklist agents and brokers who submit offers with those funding sources – what do you think they do with buyer’s…?

    Barry Cunningham response… Eric you need a blog brother! :) Interested in being a guest author? You have the skilz and I would love to have a counterpoint perspective from someone who can bring the goods like you can…as for the paragraph above…you are correct. There are some bad apples out there who can’t close. I can only speak for myself in that regard. I would hope that anyone using the letter would understand they would need to do the same. FYI…we buy REO’s and at auction as well

    Anyhow – if used to say – Hey – I’m a cash buyer and I want to buy your house – that’s one message… but the message in your letter is something a bit more complex…

    I will again state that I believe the intention is not bad – but could be construed as an assault on the listing broker and thus interfering… especially if you intend to simply flip for profit and never hold legal title and leave it up to the seller to pay the commission if they want to…

    Barry Cunningham response… Like I said…you have an opinion and obviously you are entitled to it. My lawdogs say otherwise and it works for me…so…

    not that I as an investor think its right – I am finding more and more states passing laws to restrict a free private citizen from making any form of private contract that would otherwise transfer rights to a property without going through “proper” channels… can you believe the KREC in Kansas started talking about outlawing “option” and “installment sale” contracts..??? (right before they kicked me out of a public meeting and ordered me to never return… yeah the real estate commissions and sometimes NAR dont get along with me cause I express my concerns for their stupidity and being on the wrong side of political support campaigns too often…) … anyhow…

    Barry Cunningham response… you’re more of an investor than an agent…NAR is surely useless, on that we seem to have some common ground.

    I guess it just boils down to what you say to the home owner when they call… and how you take possession or control of that property… and if you have the adequate systems and skill sets or staff in place to do a better job…

    Barry Cunningham response… I wrote, about a year ago it now seems, above how we work the deal. Notice I also said how many letters we send out. The response has been so great we only take on the deals that we can handle. Just because someone calls does not necessarily mean we make the appointment. After all…we’re not Realtors. We actually qualify the deal and cherry pick the ones we want. We do all of the background forensics while the person is on the phone. Call comes in, secretary routes the call to one person and emails vitals to another. While phone interview is going on the research is completed and if things fit in our model, we pull the trigger. What’s in that model that allows us to pull the trigger….well that’s the secret sauce baby! But suffice it to say, it’s pure cheddar!

    If you entice to break contract – and the seller decides not to pay a commission – as you said its simply an agreement between broker and seller – than I would say you have a problem… Most listing agreement – even transaction brokerage listing agreements provide for the EXCLUSIVE right to sell – and stipulate that all inquiries and offers are to be directed to the broker… to that extent I am sure that if you inquire with such a listed seller and entice them to break an otherwise solid legal binding contract between that seller and a broker having an existing exclusive relationship with – well… its a clear violation… you and I will have to agree to disagree on that I guess…

    Barry Cunningham response…How do I know what agreement exists between the Seller and some agent? I don’t ask and they don’t tell. You obviously know what you’re doing. Most of these realtor hacks haven’t a clue and accordingly they leave their pants down and it’s easy to see where the vulnerability is. Remember above I said there is a pre-qual interview. There are some things we illicit that let us know that it’s easy pickings. If you think about it yourself you can probably figure out what things an agent “omits” that would make them simply shut up and collect their commission check when told.

    Perhaps I am biased as I am a broker… and I look out for liability in every corner – but seem to find myself being tested by the state all the time… thus my intrigue with law and such….

    Perhaps I am jealous of the idea because it would be a clear ethics and state law violation to send such a letter to a seller listed with another brokerage if I did it… and I know deep down it’ll make your phone ring more than mine…

    Barry Cunningham response…it is unfortunate but yea…other agents would hang you if you used this…but all is not lost…I am writing one as a follow-up to this one…specifically for agents to use. Can’t wait to see your comments on that one!

    The letter is strong – I admit – but puts such a negative light on the realtor that will obviously entice sellers to call – which it is supposed to do as a marketing piece – but when they call – if you tell them it costs you nothing – it makes it seem like there are no commissions to be paid… thats how I read it… and your comments above..

    Barry Cunningham response…Eric, for as meticulous as you sound you are often missing key points. I told you I had this reviewed by attorneys…if you notice..I never said anywhere that they do not have to pay commissions. The letter clearly states in bold print that they do not have to pay ME any commissions. I don’t care what it SEEMS like, I know what it ACTUALLY says and that’s what makes it legal. Your opinion or inference does not trump law. Sorry, but it’s called marketing. It’s funy but I never really considered myself a Real Estate Investor. It was a moniker that was placed upon me. I consider myself a Marketer who right now is marketing real estate. And I happen to do it quite well.

    and if a client sells their home to you outside of my knowledge – there is that pesky listing agreement they agreed to guarantee payment on… if you said or the seller reasonably inferred that there would be no problem because of your conversations with that seller – and they end up finding out I am a prick and do indeed go after them – and it comes up in court that you enticed a homeowner to break their contract by not paying a fee to their then broker and selling to you on any form of contract and also said that by doing so it would not cost them anything – well…it could cost you dearly… its a lie… it COULD cost them as the broker they have an agreement to pay may still be due a commission… many states are passing laws in favor of service provider – like realtors – specifically for this purpose that allow brokers to place liens on properties… and effectively stops investors cold in their tracks for doing things like that – ESPECIALLY since it was that broker’s listing that exposed YOU to the seller.. i.e. you said above that you use the active listings for shorts sales and foreclosures to find these targeted seller lists…

    Barry Cunningham response…Eric..I think I have said more than a few times. I don’t discuss the commission and don’t seek to avoid it. No funds can go to the Seller anyway and it doesn’t affect my bottom line one way or the other, so why would I avoid or suggest that the commission not be paid. I don’t care. Heck what you fail to realize is that I’m going to make 5 figures on the deal that I cherry pick. Do you think I would worry about paying a commission..even if I had to pay it? Of course not…what you’re missing and have missed over and over again is the fact that the letter’s intent is to get the deal done, not get mired in a pissing match with an agent…it’s all about the Bejamins and throwing a few bucks at some Realtor to get them to bugger off is just a cost of doing business. The only thing you keep bringing up over and over is commission…dude chill…it’s not a factor whatsoever.

    I cant begin to tell you how many terms of service that violates from the MLS level and generating marketing lists based on data obtained by it and not being a member of it… whoever is supplying the data surly has the required NAR disclosures on their MLS data feed that you cant use that info for that purpose… but hey… not going there… dont have the long legals to reprint on here anyhow…

    Barry Cunningham response…you’re not listening whatsoever…either that or your brain stopped processing data. I mentioned in the post that data is culled from Realtor.com…who supplied the data? The NAR did! OMG do you know what kind of info I can pull down in a few clicks from Realtor.com, Trulia, Realquest..etc…I think our data systems would make your head spin. Who said anything about using the MLS…here ya go projecting again!

    MLS aside – NAR aside – there still is that contract between the seller and broker…

    Enticements or bait-and-switch or incentives of potentially saving money by working with you instead of the person who they have a legal agreement to work with would DEFINITELY be seen as purposeful interference… now that said – if you as you say encourage the paying of the commissions – how is it saving the seller anything..

    Barry Cunningham response…Eric…I can’t continue to discuss things with you if you are not going to read what I write. I don’t say that I save a homeowner any money. And here you go again with derogatory terms like “bait and switch”..WTF are you talking about. I”M BUYING THE FRIGGIN HOUSE…not even close to bait and switch. And I am saving the Selelr from something..most assuredly…that something being FORECLOSURE…you see …if you remember the opening statement in the letter…less than 25% of them close. So I’m actually saving them something which might be a bit more valuable than money right now. Are you getting that..are we clear..geez!

    The only benefit to the seller would be that that seller would have an offer to start with for negotiations with the lender… which should go thru the broker anyhow…

    Barry Cunningham response ….ok, now you’ve lost me. You are officially out there. I can’t teach you our business but that last statement is pretty much the one that exposes you as not being who you purport to be. I hung in there for as long as I can but Eric, you just stepped into it and made a statement which shows that you are merely trying to be a beacon of hope for Realtors. You have no idea I guess who we are. Take a look around this blog for a while beyond this article and take a gander at some of what you see here. If you think for an instance that we would let some broker handle the negotiations with a lender..you’re nuts. I mean certifiably nuts. Let me give you a bit of a hint…we have taught thousands of agents, brokers, realtor boards, title agents and attorneys across the Country how to do short sales. Nuff said…game over. You obviously are having a discussion with an adversary unlike you have ever encountered in your day to day business.
    Further – if its a short sale – its generally not coming out of the seller pockets anyhow and usually needs skillful negotiations and solid understanding of that particular lender’s processes and federal laws related to various guidelines for accepting short pays….

    If its a property listed in the FHA pre-foreclosure sale program – unless it is already under contract – it MUST be listed with a REALTOR per law… I know – I couldn’t believe those lobbyists got that in there either… but its there in the march 9th FHA rule published in 2009 outlining the program…

    Barry Cunningham response ….Hey Eric..see comment above…you’re talking to the wrong guy…your out of your league bud.
    I think you are saying that brokers will still be paid.. but you don’t say that… really… in the letter… it rather insinuates that brokers and agents are rather … incapable… and of course a seller will call if you seem to have the answers… it becomes then a struggle to explain things to the seller to try to regain trust (for those of us brokers that actually can) and explain your intentions as a buyer and to identify the possibility of having you write the offer.

    Barry Cunningham response …here you are with another derog….I’m not insinuating anything. I’m telling them pure fact. Question..what percentage of listed short sales close in your area? What level of experience do most agents have with short sales? It’s easy to smoke out an inexperienced agent. Do you know how many have the term Short Sale expert on their business card or some designation like it without ever closing one. I’m not going to debate you on what you feel are insinuations or if I’m making a broker look bad. If you remember, I said I emailed a bunch of agents…most without a response. Let me ask you a question…do you think it’s a violation to not respond to a prospective Buyer? How do you think the Seller would view it?

    This letter and your conversations with my client could easily become a distraction to the client and cause unintended hurt feeling and more emotional distress on an already stressed out family…

    Barry Cunningham response … could..would..pure blather..trust me the only emotion we bring is RELIEF. I get more thank you’s then you can imagine We end the misery not prolong it with a listing that can’t sell by an agent who can’t do a short sale. Save it..you’re actually ticking me off now you are finding every reason possible to protect the agent and now the reasons are getting more and more trivial and nonsensical as they go on.
    it’d cause problems for the listing brokers who actually have thing under control and are doing their jobs efficiently for their clients…

    Barry Cunningham response …hmmm…really? Let me ask you something. If what I say is true in the letter, isn’t that information the kind of stuff that a good and competent agent would already have DISCLOSED to his client? Gotcha! Game over. If you are a professional then give me some answers. Hey Mr. Agent what’s the likelihood of my short sale being successful? Hi Mr. Agent how many short sales have you closed? Hi Mr. Agent how many of the short sales you have worked on have ended up being lost to foreclosure? Trust me..I could go on and on..I have about 100 questions a Seller should ask an agent. Each one once answered in a lie by an agent puts the liability they so desperately seek to avoid squarely on their shoulders. Sorry but this is really where you lose.
    which would put you in a position of defending yourself from that broker instead of simply working with that broker in the first place to just put in an offer… if that was your intention.. which it is obvious by this letter and your comments above that its not…

    Barry Cunningham response…maybe they should answer their phones and emails..at least when they get a break from their jobs at Walmart…oh there’s another bit of disclosure that a Seller would need to know don’tcha think! They’re in foreclosure in their “short sale expert” is waiting tables at Denny’s…puhleazze…like I said..we do a TON of homework.

    Even if you did – it’d have to still go through the brokerage… sorry… any other way – its just too easy to point a finger at ya and say you encouraged the seller – the poor distressed home owner facing a time of crisis who was impressed by your fancy language – to break their contract… and NOT seek expert guidance on their side of the transaction… I just dont care what it says in the disclosures… courts are finding in favor of the poor abused sellers all the time… even the scammers…

    Barry Cunningham response…did you say expert guidance? You’re kidding right?

    hey… EVEN IF you did noting wrong and they did so on their own accord – and decided that not paying the fees to the brokerage was somehow OK – AND the broker decided not to attempt any recovery efforts…

    Barry Cunningham response…give the fees thing a rest dude…you’re drinking too much coffee. Do you have a problem not seeing Highway road signs. I think we covered commissions like last tuesday…

    you’d still, like every investor these day – have to look out for that very home owner when they get stabilized again… I have seen it… a seller needing to sell RIGHT NOW for whatever reason – accepts a deal… very favorable or otherwise to the investor.. it solves that sellers needs and they move on… only a year later to discover that the investor sold for substantial profit – EVEN DISCLOSED THAT WE ARE OUT TO MAKE A PROFIT as you clearly indicated – we do the same – but they turn around and sue anyhow because the investor is somehow “took advantage” of their situation for personal profit – even profit well disclosed… its already happening… seller watch as investors buy, rehab or otherwise make a risk of some sort and then are rewarded by their efforts by resale at a profit – these sellers are being told that they were in a distressed mindset and were incapable of deciding if the deal was favorable – I have even seen cases where clearly the seller was scamming the investor… and clearly just wanting to profit from someone else’s work – went after an investor for such slick language… and won!

    Barry Cunningham response… Eric do you drive a car? I ask because it seems that someone like you would never drive. I mean you MIGHT get in a car accident. Do you go to a restaurant? Well you MIGHT get food posioning. Do you go to baseball games? Well ya MIGHT get hit in the noggin by a foul ball? Ever ask a girl out on a date? Well ya MIGHT get turned down. You can’t control what MIGHT happen and I’m sure, you have probable answered yes to each of the questions I just asked you. I’m in business. Just as in driving a car, I assess risk and move forward accordingly. Would I stick my arm in a hungry lion’s mouth? Depends upon whether or not he had any teeth…it’s all about assessing risk…sort of like loss mitigation!

    My point… before I end up with another 2,400 words – disclosing is not everything… even honest investors get hammered… a piece of mail like this held by that seller might be further evidences that you were out to create additional worries and stresses and in fact insinuate that most licensed professionals have no clue what they are doing…

    Barry Cunningham response… there you go with that MIGHT word again..and I think we clearly confirmed that most agents don’t have a clue about short sales..so that’s not an insinuation..it’s a fact. It’s not debatable! Down here over 90% of agents have never closed a short sale. Soooooo….what you’re saying is I am creating worry by stating fact? Man, I wonder what you think of reporters!
    and in fact in your letter make reference to their specific situation as addressed directly to them and not a blanket informational… it’s just too easy with a letter like this and the $$ greedy ambulance chasing lawyers looking for easy money going after investors who actually EARNED money… it makes you a target is what I am saying…

    Barry Cunningham response…you’re right, I won’t send the letter out. I’ll just take a class for a week at a local school here, get my license and everything will be alright. Because at that point I’ll never do any marketing, and I’ll be able to hide behind my Transactional Broker thingy and I get to use these boilerplate forms and best of all…I get the cool blue “R” pin! Now if just get to meet ole Larry Yun my day will be complete!

    and if its anything that you will take my word on – being the target of an entire industry of professionals and a target by easy-money slick attorneys with nothing better to do now because of obama care limiting their income as attorneys chasing ambulances not nearly as rewarding now as going after the 100k you made on your last deal… regardless if it was warranted…. it becomes another piece of questionable actions and words that seems clearly intentioned at dismissing the broker and talking directly to you…

    Barry Cunningham response…hey Eric..have you read this blog? I’ve been taking on agents for years. Do you think this is the first controversial post we have ever done? Do you think that we haven’t been targets for years? Like I said, we’ve received demands from the NAR attorneys before. Guess what…they didn’t scare us and surely some ambulance chasing attorney could never scare us either. oops..I gotta go…I see the phones lighting up, must be some of those Sellers who we have terrified!

    appearances are everything…

    You are right… this letter is smoking good… if I was not a broker – I’d probably use it too… only slightly modified… and itd go out to a lot more than just the specific listings in the mls…

    As with anything that makes money – liability is always there and we can spend all day on “what ifs” and still have the same letter going out…

    Barry Cunningham response… if making money was easy, then everyone would be doing it. It just doesn’t work that way. As the Great One said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.
    I said my peace – I think the letter if used by inexperienced investor who obviously has no clue or money to close directly would be hypocritical by making these claims in a letter to a listed seller… and would be opening up a lot of unintended problems not very easy to deal with…

    Barry Cunningham response… well other investors need to make their own decisions. I’ve made mine.

    They would get weeded out fairly quick I think… those that can make it happen probably already have more experience than the listing agent… and would not be making any false claims to the consumer/seller nor representing themselves as being capable when they have to do the same process that the broker would have to do for any other buyer… if the buyer has personal contact in a particular loss mitigation or short sale department – it helps… but other than that… brokers baby… use em… don’t abuse them…. pay them.. a good brokerage that does these will be using offer management software and have dozens of deals for all these banks going at any one time and will have a team dedicated to negotiations and following up with “negotiators”… so time is minimized and the eventual investor (most of these deals are for investors anyhow) will likely benefit from working with the seller and the broker… again provided they have a clue…

    Barry Cunningham response… what percentage of the breathing realtors on this planet have that in place?C’mon, let’s be real. Most agents close less than 2 or 3 deals in a year. Systems? Lucky they have a cell phone! You’re certainly not everyman..you have done well and have your act together but our discussion here is already over the head of 90% of the realtors out there.

    What risks does this letter represent? 1) Possibly being ostracized by those listing brokers… then you are dealing with a second realtor to submit offers if you cant entice the seller to break their contract and go direct to you and cut out the brokers…its hard to make money in an area where the real estate community does not work with you… especially if you are trying to resale in this economy – you need the exposure of all those buyer agents… for resale… it helps anyhow…

    Barry Cunningham response…Eric..you would not by any chance be saying that agents won’t work with a prospective buyer because they don’t like them…careful..watch what you’re saying here. Remember, you are the liability guy. Collusion and misrepresentation are horrible allegations to have to defend. Especially when one holds a license and has the sole responsibility of procuring a sale…hmmm I would LOVE it for someone to tell me they won’t work with us because we have been “ostracized”. Ain’t ever going to happen. You know why..They want the commish baby! You may ahte me, you may despise what I say and you may be disgusted that you have to work with me…but you LOVE the check at closing! It’s too easy Eric…you see, I know what motivates an agent.

    2) third party interference with business contract – trust me… you CAN get punished… 3) building contention with sellers and their agents… instead of making offer through agent and helping that agent ( I know its sometimes mind numbing waiting on them … go to their broker…)… working with them instead of so bluntly against them… will make it easier for that agent to figure out how to best help that client – be it direct negotiations with you or otherwise.. but at least with their informed consent. 4) possible after-the-fact rescission of contracts – perhaps even after a paper close or otherwise… courts do funny things these days… 5) being targeted by “easy money” attorneys looking for the most talented at this trade of flipping who are actually making money – and thus claims against your earnings… for whatever reasons… … and the list can go on and on.. like me…

    Barry Cunningham response…now I’m yawning and watching youtube videos of squirrrels humping rather than listen to the drone of this drivel.

    I would use a letter similar to this to market to expired listings… to market to agents who have listings that might be more than they can handle… but not this specific letter to sellers…

    As a centerpiece to a marketing campaign – it looks damn good… and I’m positive it will be a very effective piece indeed… but what are the costs if not implemented just ever so perfectly… and then there’s never knowing what the future will allow as far as lawsuits against investors…

    my 2 cents seems to spill out like the 0’s behind the Zimbabwe Dollar if converted from a single US dollar…

    Barry Cunningham response…Despite my sarcasm, I appreciate your opinion and believe it or not, I value your contribution. Now go spend Easter Wekend with your family!

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tortious_interference

    trust me… this is what will happen if the broker is not paid or otherwise agrees to let you work it if they are incapable of working it with you….

  • Dude…yer killin me with this commission thing. I have 2 salient points and you need to understand this. I have said a dozen times or more..I don’t care about the commissions. It’s not my problem! I don’t have a contract with an agent. Secondly, I don’t care if they are paid or not. If the Seller is pissed off and feels like they have not been represented properly then that’s a matter for Seller and agent to resolve. If the Seller is a stand up guy and understands HIS incumbent liability and mentions his agreement with an agent, I don’t care if the commission is on the HUD. It doesn’t affect my bottom line one iota. So do we have an understanding? The grandstanding about the sacrosanct commission is a bit tired now. I think I mentioned that fact over and over…is that all you have to say? It seems that you have steamrolled into the fence on this one. I’m pretty sure our readers..and homeowners can read this and clearly see what the bone of contention is. The sale closing and the Seller avoiding foreclosure was hardly mentioned however that commission surely was. Over…and over…and over….and over…

    Let me ask you a question that doesn’t require a long answer. Ready? Okay here goes…

    You have a listing and by some stroke of luck you find out that his home is slated to be auctioned off on April 16, 2010. I see the house has been listed forever and the end is near for this homeowner. So I send him my letter.

    Frantically he calls me and says COME DO SOMETHING…PLEASE! I meet with him, do the deal, get the foreclosure sale stopped and My team gets the short sale done and approved so I can make some serious jack and we set it to closing. The homeowner gets ticked off because you could not do the same for him and HE…notice I said HE is so mad he says that HE is not paying a commission. What do you do?

    You see the answer is pretty easy for someone who actually has the client’s best interests at heart. But from your response below…it’s quite obvious what you would do. That is the problem I have with most Realtors. The COE and all this BS about client interests goes out the window when it comes down to money. You have written 5,000 words about what you would do and who you would sue if you didn’t get your commission. That’s pathetic! Here’s a client who is about to lose their home and has found a way out and all you can talk about is lawsuits, liens and tortious interference. Screw it..I’d pay you the commission then I’d blast a press release with the homeowner letting everybody know what kind of agent you are and that you would let a man lose his home before you’d forego a few thousand bucks…think I wouldn’t do it? I don’t think you really want to know the answer to that question.

    I like your passion, but the pompous, aloof attitude of your Realtorship permeates your writing. Let’s just call a spade a spade…you’re all not much different than investors…only worse. I’ll be upfront and tell you it’s all about the $$$, you’ll wait like a snake in the grass, smile all the while and then be a viper if you don’t get your commissh.

    Now it’s off to the blueberry muffins. It’s been real dude!

  • Gustavo Alvarez says:

    The dueling has been educational and entertaining. Know! What about the new comer interested in getting involved or learning the system? How can we get a copy of the letter e-mailed to us?

  • do you want an editable copy of the letter shown in the article? We’ll help you out!

  • Jim Santiago says:

    Yes, I would like a editable copy. THX.

  • Gustavo Alvarez says:

    Yes, a copy please. Thanks

  • The original document was created in Microsoft Publisher…do you have that program? It’s a part of Microsoft Office.

  • Hey Gustavo….see my comment to Jim and let me know if you have the programs

  • Gustavo Alvarez says:

    Yes, Microsoft Publisher is perfect.


  • Jim Santiago says:

    Publisher is prefect. THX

  • Jim Santiago says:


    I read in an earlier post that you sent out an email to realtors with short sales. Is it possible to get a copy of that email. I will give em a chance like you did before I drop the seller letter bomb on them.


  • Jim Santiago says:


    Is the marketing campaign you are going to flood those neighborhoods with the short sale letter or something else? I am very interested in how you operate. I have always liked to do what noone else is doing. When I started working short asales about 9 yrs ago, my fellow peers literlally laughed and asked what I was doing. Guess who they call now when they have a problem or question? HA HA HA!

  • Sure..I’ll email it to you today!

  • Jim..so true..so true…Realtors think that Short sales just started…talking about being WAY behind the curve. In the good old days we were doing shorts with people who actually had equity…it was a blast…

    We are doing two different campaigns right now. Each campaign usually has about a 90 day lifespan then we put it on the shelf and bring it back again later.

    Right now we are doing a campaign to those in short sales…and then we are are simultaneously doing a campaign to their neighbors telling them how much the values are tanking BECAUSE of the short sales. For instance it is based around this theme:

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    Did you know that the house located at 123 Elm street was taken back by the bank and then sold for $XXX. I bet you didn’t know that the house at 234 Main T. is in foreclosure too and it looks like they are dumping that one for $xxx. Do you have any idea what this is doing to the value of your home?

    Here is a graph of all of the homes in foreclosure in a 3 block radius around your house. (insert big picture)

    When these houses get taken back by the bank and then sold at discount prices the value of your home is going to drop substantially!

    Wanna sell it to me???? Well you get the point..it’s fear and reality all wrapped up into one. Absentee owners get that and absolutely freak. Sometimes we’ll include a link to a video, post it on youtube or on our site and let them see what the dumps look like. And of course there’s always the digg I gotta throw in about how a Realtor will LIST their home wait forever and how we’ll buy it right now!

    Cha ching!..try it!

  • Rolando says:

    I could definitely see this marketing piece getting tons of response! Holy jamole! I live in the people’s republic of california, so I’ll have to figure out how to execute on this type of strategy without incurring any additional liability that seems to permeate the oxegyn people breathe out here. A fellow investor got sued by a C buyer on a short sale because his “highest bid” wasn’t the one that got accepted. Sheesh.

    Would it be possible to e-mail me a copy of this letter and also the realtor version? I definitely have one realtor I work with who would have the cojones to use the realtor version of this letter. I’ve got MS Publisher, so I’m good to go.

    Thanks for sharing this letter with us. Great stuff!

  • Hi Rolando…thanks for the comment and for stopping by. For you and the others who requested it…here is a copy of the letter in the article.


    Got delayed with family stuff today on the Realtor one…but it’s coming.

  • Dustin says:

    Boy this post got A LOT of action…Anyways I just wanted to see if there is another program for the Realtor marketing piece you mentioned since I DON’T have publisher. Thanks!

  • Hey Dustin..I use publisher for these types of documents because it’s like grade school easy. No reason to fire up any of the other programs..although the graphics are done and then imported. If you have office it should be in the package.

    However, here’s a little ninja trick..it will only work once though… you can download a 60 day free trial and it is fully functional. Then once you make some extra coin you can buy it. But it gives you two months to play with it..and no I am not an affiliate of Microsoft… here’s the link:


  • Dustin says:

    Sure thanks for the link to the trial. I have office, but publisher wasn’t part of the package I guess :( . I’ll do the trial and I’m sure the return on the marketing will mroe than pay for the software…thanks!

  • Dustin says:

    BTW…since I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know, but how can those of us who are wanting to make money as investors on short sales learn to do so? I took your course in 07 and that helped a lot, but my guess is things have changed a lot in the game.

    I’m pretty good at getting my short sale listings closed, but I’m open to other ways of helping people and making more money in the process.

  • Durrell says:

    Thanks Berry, you are a man of your word. Look forward to seeing the Realtor letter.

  • Hey Dustin..Barry and I are working on that right now…as we said in the Ultimate case study article…we’re diligently putting some stuff together.

  • Hi Durrell..thanks for the comment and for stopping by. It’s been crazy…but it’s coming..as I said in the article..we always run things by the guys in the suits and just waiting for the thumbs up…it’s going to be a serious flamethrower!

  • Barry – If you loved my 2,400 word reply… well… here’s a 2,620 word reply to ponder over…
    You missed my point… I mention commission over and over because you seem to think it’s OK to screw brokers out of it and that – as your post above just insinuated again – that brokers are only about the commission… yes – I understand that If we bitch – you pay – and If the client wants to pay… but only IF… otherwise it appears from your comments that you simply think it’s OK to subvert the agency and get the deal done in your own words. OK – so it gets done – if the broker was fired properly then there would be no real problems – but it appears you either just take it from them or give them the ‘ol “take what you can get” offer of a fee of some sort – perhaps not what was agreed to by the seller – just to get them off your back – but then you go on to say that you’d blast hateful and strongly one-sided letters off defaming a brokers actions should he take legal action in defending his business and the agency relationship you seem to not care for at all. Caring for the agency agreement is not the question really – the fact that that you (maybe not in the letter) tell the owner in person to work with you directly and that you will take care of their broker – paid or not – and express fear tactics skillfully crafted to entice distrust of their broker makes you appear as a legal authority which despite your vast experience that could probably total more than most brokers and attorneys combined in your area – puts you into the position of interpreting law to a consumer with a motive not entirely in the interest of that consumer – but rather profit motivated (as are brokers) as a buyer and eventual seller yourself. Yes – the consumer is taken care of when the deal is done… and I concede that you probably take care of the brokers too – who complain…
    As I mentioned above – if the broker was fired properly for any of the reasons you stated before – such as failure to disclose their capacity and ability to perform the tasks needed or a history of doing so for the type of transaction at hand – than there would be no problem… right?
    Commissions… buddy – that’s what I do for a living – but if that were the only reason I was replying you’d be right… but, sadly, you are not.
    I’ve promoted this site to lots of people… but this topic comment seems to get you fired up as much as it does me for some reason – perhaps because I am calling it like I see it and you don’t fully understand the law from my perspective (however clouded you may think it is)… I believe you may be an experienced man that has limited experience in actually building relations with those you do business… I was there once… I learned real quick it’s tough to keep that gig going… You obviously have some levels of success though – so here’s to you…
    anyhow – you are right – in that pure hypothetical scenario that assumes the realtor is crap – and I absolutely appreciate the sarcastic hypothetical using me as the ignorant one referenced … and more worried about my “commish”… you and I know its a bunch of crap… there are guys like me who know this industry inside and out. We have our teams of negotiators – hell we teach other investors how to do it… We contract with the best -( one cool thing is that a lot of them actually live in Florida around you..). we follow all the trends and have INSIDE connections investors simply cant make… For instance – I am contracted by lenders to (as a licensed broker) make contact with defaulting borrowers, attempt loss mitigation services on behalf of the bank – and also help those that cannot modify or reinstate get approved into the various foreclosure alternative programs – one of which is a short sale… now obviously if I am being sent out as a debt collector or on behalf of the bank – I can’t share privileged information with investors – and I can’t use my knowledge against the bank and homeowner in attempt to negotiate my own deal – so I MUST find good investors who have the ability to close these deals… do you think I would for a single moment think that calling a guy who is known for pissing off other realtors and calling us ever name in the book would be a good thing? Of course I’d do the regular thing and share it with everyone as I do always and of course I’d respond should you contact us – but I’d be all over the legitimate investors that don’t use transaction funding or rely on third party this or that who we have very positive relations with that can also do the same exact thing as you – get the deal done.
    You assume that I would not be on top of the auction deadlines… that I would list a home that is up for auction at a price that does not get it sold – or that I don’t encourage the client to seek COMPETENT legal advice for all the various strategies to stop auctions… hell… most of our deals never get to judgment less auction… if its gone to auction – there are a whole new set of rules to take into consideration…
    In some instances – it is actually in the clients best interest to go to auction… only one buyer at auction… if there are larger seconds or other numerous liens – these in most states can be cleared by such a judicial auction… thus leaving room to sell at retail or slightly below retail value which often times ends up allowing the client to pocket a substantial amount from the redemption and resale post auction… attorneys handle the disclosures about the possible deficiency judgements to the seller – but in a lot of these cases having it sell through the broker ends up benefiting the seller more as they are the one profiting – the same holds true if the investor finds the deal and does what needs to be done as far as gaining equitable interest and controlling the deal through the process and then closing on the option or sale contract by redeeming and refinancing or resale and then profits himself… but it’s not always a clear thing in investor disclosures – that helping them to breach or otherwise subvert their agency agreements might NOT be in their best interest…
    Anyhow – I am probably preaching now… it offends me something dearly to have a guy like you out there pretending to be all anti-realtor yet you are married to one… give me a break… REALTOR.com does not show the status of a property as being a foreclosure or short sale… this is something only in the MLS – I am positive your wife helps there with your list building by having access to the MLS… Yes, there are plenty of resources for finding active foreclosures of public record – notably some of the realty tracking sites which follow filings – but you said above that you went after actively listed properties… I screen captured that before it was down… regardless of that – it is still my contention that your actions are made to purposely incite fear in already troubled and susceptible consumers which almost certainly will cause them to want to breach a contract and stop taking the advice of a duly licensed agent or broker which whom they have an existing valid relationship with. Simply saying that you are only citing “facts” about those agents out there that are not being responsible – well you and I both know it’s a cop-out… you are not their legal advisor nor friend – you are there to make a profit – and God bless any American still free enough to actually make a profit who will take on risk and be productive enough to produce a good or service that is wanted and in high demand right now… It still is a willful act to subvert the agency.
    Like I said – if the agent had no business taking the listing – well – in my state at least – its already against the law… and would be immediate grounds for termination… I wish more people would complain to the state and to the brokers who employ these agents – that’d mean I’d get more of a market share since I have the experience… but it had to start somewhere – as yours did too…
    I’d venture to guess that the majority of these agents have at least one associate broker or agent in their office with experience who can also help… now – actually getting the advice and help and relaying that to the actual client and transaction is a whole different story for debate and cause for misrepresentation claims… yeah – I know that’s coming for screwball agents without a brain or will to ask for advice or even the incentive of a commission for a prospective sale on even an active listing to take some classes to the same… sure – lots of agents have part-time jobs… I think that should be disclosed as well – but that assumes that it was not… any of it – disclosed that is… I have agents that work for me part time – basically sell homes for their friends and family or coworkers and turn in a half dozen deals a year – the rest who do only a couple of deals a year I place into our referral company which strictly prohibits licensed activities – yet they are duly licensed and have to keep up with their continuing education requirements.. they are the ones that don’t make enough to make it worth the fees to be in the MLS or over-priced REALTOR association membership/cult… but they are able to keep their license active if they ever want to return – or for agents that want to retire – and basically team up with a full time agent or associate broker who will accept their referrals and then we can legally pay that sub-part-timer agent a referral fee for their part in bringing the deal… That’s how I manage my agents and ensure my clients are well represented – agreed – not very many brokerages take the time to cover their bases as I have tried to do with mine… but there are certainly those that do.
    I responded to your comments about my comments simply because you still have this notion that we are only about the commission and we all tend to not do the right thing for the sellers… drop the ball… I admitted above in several ways that there are a lot of agents that do indeed not have a clue…then I mentioned there are some – like me – that do.. and we take our business very seriously. We do not scam the home owners and we give them options – options that even an investor can’t provide without the professional assistance of the broker involved or other legal or tax advisors who are licensed – and yes – charge for their services… as hard as it may seem to believe – there are good brokers and agents out there… look – you married one..
    Then again – when I’m functioning as a broker – its my job to get the deal done too – and if you are there as an investor – its your job to make as much as possible on it and I don’t fault you… you have to get the deal done as well… No one makes anything and the homeowner is ultimately affected if it does not get done… I’m simply saying that often times a broker will be able to point out options that might not be in the interest of the investor – but rather in favor of the seller… so your deal might not be the best thing… that consumer, being enticed and untrusting of the advice given even from the most experienced of brokers due to your letter and pitch –– now is more susceptible – which is exactly the angle you want as an investor – usually – but the interference of that professional advice and ways in which you build trust with your organization and self relies on fear tactics which I find have layers of “missing truths” and which is obviously an attempt to challenge the agency relationship. So be it… I can easily handle a response to my clients as we are systematized and take care of them as well as have in-house CPA and Lawyer to answer their questions – by licensed professionals – in those areas I can not give professional advice in but rather have industry experience and expertise in and wish to ensure the client receives proper information from those that are able to legally give it.
    oh yeah – to think that the hud1 numbers for commissions don’t change your buyer-side numbers is a dream… obviously if there are fees paid – anywhere – and there is an expected net to the lienholder and wherein the seller net’s $0 – it means that to compensate for the fees paid – regardless of where it is – would raise the price of the home to a point sufficient to cover those fees that will meet the minimum net payoff required for the lien release to the lender… thus if you had no commissions or other seller side costs – the price could drop to cover it (provided you don’t ask the seller to come up with the costs or take a different settlement offer like an unsecured note with their lender to release the existing lien)…
    I have a very similar outlook on most realtors, unfortunately, mostly derived from my early investing days when I didn’t trust them – saw mistake after mistake and had to wait on them to do their job… this is the core reason I got my license… and now own a growing firm… training and systems are everything… without that you can’t do well for your customer/client…
    Anyhow – I’m not going to name call on your blog nor continue to excite you any more on this topic – I love the site and love seeing new ideas out there for investors. It helps me in my investing as well as be more prepared when an inexperienced “investor” tries to pull this crap on one of my clients… I eat them for lunch – as you do to realtors that are inexperienced…
    I’d love to counter some of your opinions and statements from time to time – having some level of legal training – I mean being able to actually read 6th grade level common language without using a dictionary all the damn time… and of course being an active investor and broker…
    I think you need to be called out on some things you espouse from time to time – it’s good for you – and your readers – to know there are varying levels of support and vitriol for your methods and teachings – and the reasoning behind such.
    Good luck in your investing and as always – I am still supporting this site and what it seems to be about. I love tech-savvy investors willing to get out of their comfort zone so much – for as long as you have – and defend their actions publicly until it becomes their comfort zone… as it appears you are so confident in doing here. Kudos on that at least!

  • Jim says:

    Thx for the letter. Do you think it will be as effective as a postcard?

  • Eric..I spent my time responding last time..this is a new week and I’m actually busy doing deals….not beating dead horses. I’m sorry that it bothers you..actually I’m not. I just don’t car about the commission and never have.

    I have been doing deals for almost 2 decades and have used various marketing pieces with varying level of success. Sorry but there is no way I worry about commission. Heck if it turns out to be too much of a pain I just buy it at auction or have them deed me the house and tell the agent to come pick up their sign. (I love to make those calls!)

    The letter is working very well and it looks like we’re headed for what might be a near record or record month.

    I don’t have the time to deal with this crap. You make statements of which you have no idea of what you speak. Here’s one nugget…”REALTOR.com does not show the status of a property as being a foreclosure or short sale… this is something only in the MLS ” If you think this data is only available in the mLS you are really kidding yourself.

    Unlike most agents we actually spend money on marketing and we have opt-in lists all over the Internet designed to bring in buyers. In fact, there are a number of opt-in locations on various articles on this site.

    My business is based upon getting buyers to opt-in. We operate a number of websites and THAT’s how we get names. Don’t you realize that with every comment you write you expose more ignorance. Let me ask you something. We have so many different systems that feed into a central database. Broward County offers records available for purchase. Corelogic has another very good service and XimauSA offers us yet another..and yes, we are able to cull data together and create very valuable mashups to do what we need to do.

    I never..ever said all Realtors were bad. In fact much to the contrary. I have always heralded some of the good ones I have run across. I just see so much crap day in day out. While the average buer only has to deal with crap once in a lifetime, I run in to it daily. So I know where it is and I know what it looks like. I have absolutely no aversion whatsoever working with an agent.

    IT ACTUALLY MAKES MY JOB EASIER TO WORK WITH AGENTS. I PREFER TO WORK WITH REAL ESTATE AGENTS. I just hate it when they don’t have a clue and are stinking the joint up. I am not going to make my business subject to working with an agent and an agent is stupid to be posturing when they have someone like me who wants to buy the property…but alas too many do and in those instances, I have to go for the kill shot.

    moral of the story and the point of this now EXTREMELY long post, answer your phones, respond to your emails and become proficient about your “profession” and there is no problem. That’s it..that’s all that needs to happen. So why don’t you write letters and emails and blog posts telling your brethren to get their act together and maybe..just maybe…they’ll be able to actually some level of credibility and respect with the American public before the next Harris poll comes out.

    Until then..it’s bombs away!

    It’s been fun but alas the debate is over. I have some video editing to do before I turn in and I don’t think anyone wants to sludge thru anymore of these comments. As you can see…people want to know how to make money, not deal with what ifs. I thank you for coming by and chatting but it’s time to mov eon.

    I enjoy debate as much as the next but it’s obviously not getting us anywhere and this has become a time suck. Have a great week…and be happy I’m not in Wichita ! :)

  • Hi Jim…we use postcards as well. It’s a matter of changing things up constantly. One thing I forgot is the envelope. It’s very important. Use a bright color envelope, I like a bright yellow one as it gets their attention and another thing…if you are only going to send a couple, handwrite the envelope. Remember these people get bills and legal stuff all of the time. Use something that will stand out. Like I said, we usually try to keep it to under 100 per week to be able to handle the business so hand addressing them isn’t a big deal. NEVER use a p.o. box for the return address and make sure to put your phone number on the envelope as well. (back of envelope)

  • Jim says:

    Yes I agree. I was referring to making the letter into a postcard. have you tried it. I’ll sent u a copy of what I did.

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