Real Estate Radio USA Private Mortgage Investment Opportunity In Fort Lauderdale

Real Estate Radio USA Private Mortgage Investment Opportunity In Fort Lauderdale

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  • April 27, 2015

Have You Thought About Private Mortgage Investing In Fort Lauderdale Real Estate?

Our private mortgage lending program can provide you with a return of 8% to 14%, secured by a first position mortgage on a single family home.

These mortgages are only provided corporately (never to an individual), and they are strictly utilized to fund the acquisition of investment property. These mortgages are not used for owner-occupied property.

Why Should You Consider a Private Mortgage Investment?

We want to clearly state that our private mortgage opportunities are for serious, sophisticated investors. These investments aren’t for everyone.


  • if you’re not happy with the returns that you’re getting in the stock market
  • if you’re watching your retirement account become stagnant or endure a below average performance from your equity markets
  • if your portfolio is barely keeping up with inflation, or perhaps you may even be seeing your portfolio lose value
  • if you’d like to diversify your portfolio

…then it may be the perfect time for you to consider looking at a low-risk, potentially high-yielding, private mortgage secured by Fort Lauderdale real estate. Yes, a private mortgage investment, if structured correctly, can indeed be low risk with a potential for a high yield.

Why Fort Lauderdale?

Private Mortgage Investing Fort Lauderdale

The Real Estate Market In South Florida Is Smoking Hot Right Now

Recently the Sun Sentinel ran an article that was titled: Home Sales in Broward, Palm Beach Counties Highest Since at Least 1993!

In fact, Broward County’s median home price of $302,750 is the highest since 2008. From the Sun Sentinel article:

“clients want homes priced from $200,000 to $400,000. Buyers are waiting with phones in hand for email updates on the newest listings, and bidding wars are common for many properties…“They’re breaking down the doors to get into these homes. Homes in good-school-district areas are flying like the wind”

Not many real estate markets across the country can boast that level of activity and growth at the price levels we’re seeing in Fort Lauderdale.

Safe Mortgage Investing

Enjoying a high yield, preferred rate of return is nice, but doing so safely is even better. Unlike a stock, when you participate in a private mortgage investment secured by Fort Lauderdale real estate, your money is secured by a first position mortgage on the property.

Additionally, real estate is tangible. It’s easy to understand. You don’t have to have any complicated software or be glued to CNBC all day long. You’ll also know your return on investment (ROI) up front, when the transaction is funded. It won’t fluctuate based upon the headlines in the news or because of any turmoil in the world.

What many investors find to be very appealing is the fact that your participation can be wholly passive. You can literally be anywhere in the world and be comfortable in the knowledge that your investment is secure. In fact Chinese investors are being extremely aggressive in the South Florida real estate market.

International Investors Participating In Private Mortgage Investing In Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

It’s not just the Chinese. Investors from South America, England, Russia, and Australia are finding South Florida real estate a great place to park their money. The annualized returns are very appealing to them. However, we tend to think there are a few other reasons why they like South Florida.

One of those reasons is that we live in our own piece of affordable paradise. You don’t have to be an International investor to recognize the appeal of South Florida. Fort Lauderdale and Miami real estate is valuable because the world wants to be here.

Why Should You Be Interested In Private Mortgage Investing in Florida

If you’ve invested in private mortgages before, you may have experienced a lot of legal traps that can cause you undue grief.

Florida happens to be very investor friendly and offers you a number of ways to secure your investment.

No one ever goes into an investment thinking it will not be successful, but by investing with us we ensure that you are protected from the downside of investing in private mortgages.

We explain our technique in our offering whitepaper that we will make available for your review if you’re interested and would like to proceed further.

How Is Your Private Mortgage Investment Protected?

Your private mortgage investment will be secured, and protected by both Title and Hazard insurance. You will not be exposed to the volatility of the stock or commodity markets.

You, or your designated entity, will also be named as an additional insured on the Liability policy placed on the property.

Is This The Same Thing As Real Estate Crowd Funding?

The answer is no. What we are offering isn’t remotely similar to real estate crowd funding.

Real estate crowdfunding is a relatively new way to raise capital. Traditionally, real estate investors would self-fund projects or seek out banks, hard money lenders or institutional investors to secure the capital that they needed for their deals.

With the advent of crowdfunding, real estate investors can raise capital from a group of smaller investors in an automated way online.

As Forbes explained in an article about crowdfunding:

This “democratizing” of fundraising allows people outside the traditional investor groups and lenders to join in on the process.

While we believe that real estate crowd funding is certainly viable, we choose to work directly with sophisticated investors that we can build an ongoing relationship with.

Private mortgage investing in Miami

How Does A Private Mortgage Investment Work?

When you make a private mortgage investment in Fort Lauderdale real estate, you are given a mortgage that secures your legal interest in the property.

The process of working with us as a private lender is really pretty simple.

Here is the basic process to participating in a private mortgage investment with us:

Step 1: Our company locates a property for purchase that meets with your specific funding criteria. As a private mortgage participant you will always control what type of project you choose to be involved in. We do not look to pool your funds with other investors.

Step 2: Once we enter into contract on the property, we will send you a full, preliminary HUD statement showing you a complete financial analysis on our buy and projected re-sale.

Step 3: Once you approve, our attorney will send over the closing documents to your attorney for final review. These documents will include a mortgage, promissory not, Title commitment, and final HUD for the transaction.

Step 4: We set the property for closing. You would wire your funds for closing to the Title company and we close on the property.

Step 5: We complete our pre-determined exit strategy on the property. (a copy of which you will have received as a part of our initial package to you)

Step 6: Re-Sale closing takes place and your funds, interest, and profit participation are wired to you from the closing agent.

Timing: We anticipate that with current market conditions we should complete a project within 120 days.

What Kind Of Return On Investment Can You Expect From Your Private Mortgage Investment In Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

In today’s marketplace, we are targeting projects that will allow us to offer our investors a cash-on-cash return in the 8% to 15% range. Please remember that this is based upon an average of 120 days turnaround on each project.

This would be a “Preferred Return” wherein a participating investor is entitled to the return of their original investment AND interest in priority manner.

Additionally, once this return is adjusted for an annualized computation, returns could be as high as 35% or more per year.

What's The Next Step?

We don’t find it prudent to openly post information about our private mortgage investment program. Please be advised that the information provided herein is not intended to be for the purposes of soliciting a Security under State or Federal regulations.

This information in this post is neither an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to purchase any securities. All offers are made by direct memorandum and presentation by request and only to qualified investors.

Please be advised that a private mortgage investment involves certain risks and is only available to those investors who meet certain suitability requirements.

This information herein is intended to give you, as a potential private mortgage investor, information relative to the availability of a private mortgage investment opportunity with Real Estate Radio USA.

If you’d like more information on participating in a private mortgage investment with Real Estate Radio USA, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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