REI BarCamp 2 Has Just Been announced!

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  • July 7, 2010

REI BarCamp 2 

You’re Invited To The First REI BarCamp!

If you’re ready for a real change from the old style guru pitchfest type of investment club meeting then you owe it to yourself to attend our next monthly get together. Check out the video above to see what you missed.

What: REI Barcamp – Fort Lauderdale

When: Saturday July 24th (9am to 4:30pm)

Where: Hyatt Place
                  91 Southwest 18th Avenue
                  Dania Beach, FL 33004
                  Click here for Hotel Information & Directions

Who:Everyone and anyone who is interested in generating profits via the purchase and sale of homes and condos. Calling all Real Estate Investors, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers & Lenders, Title Agents, Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Virtual Assistants, Home Stagers and anyone else in the real estate world (or any other world) who wants to learn how to improve their income through successful real estate investing.

Experience Needed: No experience needed, but if you have successful experience then please come and share your knowledge with all of the participants. A REI Bar Camp is designed to be an open forum for all.

Why:We’re all going to be there to help each other. No gurus. no know it alls…just a group of like minded indivduals and business people who have an interest in networking, learning, and challenging each other to help us all to become better at what we do.

Cost: Absolutely FREE!

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Are you interested in knowing how to make money in real estate? I mean 5 to 6 figure paydays on a regular basis type of money.

Do you want to know the strategies and tips that will enable you to realize your goals? Are you tired of going to the same old real estate investment club meetings month after month being pitched to and only being given part of the story?

Well then you need to attend an REI BarCamp!

Before I can tell you what REI BarCamp is, I have to tell you what it’s not.

REI BarCamp is not a convention or seminar designed to make money. It is totally FREE!  Not mostly free, not a free trial, not almost Free. 100% Free.

No Selling At REI Barcamp

REI BarCamp is NOT a smoothly disguised “seminar” to sell you something. There is NO SELLING at REI BarCamp. No books and courses in the back of the room, no credit cards needed, no DVD’s or videos for sale…nope..100% free content and discussion about what you need to be a successful real estate investor.

And unlike a lot of BarCamps held in the real estate space, this is not a party or happy hour. The REI BarCamps are pure, white-knuckle, content immersed, events. You won’t leave drunk with alcohol but you will leave intoxicated with money making ideas that will leave your head spinning and a desire to hit the road running on Monday morning!

So now that you know what REI BarCamp is not…here’s what it is:

It’s the “un-conference”, it’s the “anti-seminar”. REI BarCamp is a one day “get-together” of like minded real estate agents and real estate investors who look at real estate as the profit generating commodity that it is.

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REI BarCamp is an open an honest discussion of the strategies, tips, ideas and problems of real estate investing in today’s volatile, yet profitable, real estate market.

Anyone interested in making money in the real estate business can attend. However, please understand, this isn’t your everyday real estate investment club meeting. If you attend REI BarCamp you must be willing to be a part of the event.

Who Attends REI BarCamp

You’ll speak directly to people who are willing to share their knowledge with you openly and freely. If you don’t have the desire to be an active participant, or if you feel that making money via real estate investing isn’t for you, then a REI BarCamp is probably not for you.

This is the information age and we’re bringing it to the real estate investing industry. No gurus, no slick salespeople, no BS or hype. Just 8 hours of pure content, networking and technological information designed to make you a profit generating force in your market.

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Here is one more very unique thing about REI BarCamp. The sessions are NOT presentations, they are CONVERSATIONS. The experts in the room will often give a 15-20 minute talk on a subject to get the conversation going, and then open the room to question and answers.

If you have a question or a statement, ask it. If you have an answer, offer it. If you have nothing to add to a conversation, REI BarCamp is not for you. There are NO attendees at REI BarCamp, only PARTICIPANTS.

What sets the REI BarCamp apart from other technological based Barcamps is that in our events, we will take you through live tansactions from start to finish and let you see how the deals get done.

Commitment to REI Bar Camp

You’ll hear critiques, see the where the landmines are and most of all you’ll learn how to peel back the layers of a deal to find out how the real money is made.

Participation in a REI BarCamp is going to allow you to ride the elevator to the top! This is the future of real estate investment training and once you participate, you’ll never attend another boring pitchfest disguised as a real estate investment club meeting!

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REI BarCamp sponsors

Sponsor Update: If you’re serious about real estate investing you’re going to need a reliable source of money to get your deals funded. We are proud to announce that EquityMax will be on site and participating in REI BarCamp Fort Lauderdale.

EquityMax, Inc.,  is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker and Hard Money Mortgage Lender, was established in 1990, and has been successfully engaged since in the finding and funding of real estate investment opportunities. This is our 100% focus.

The company is managed by Brad Emmer, Gregory Emmer, and Elly Luechauer. From serving South Florida, at the company’s inception, EquityMax is now engaged in lending and investing nationwide, and real estate brokerage throughout Florida. We have originated nearly 8,000 mortgage loans and have been involved in over 12,000 transactions since our inception.

Over the many years that EquityMax has been in business, there have been dramatic changes in the real estate market and the opportunities associated with it. This is both part of the challenge and excitement inherent in our industry. An observation: There is no time like the present! Today’s opportunities will be gone in a few years.

Our continuous goal: To remain on the cutting edges of the mortgage and real estate industries, to provide the most sound, yet aggressive financing and investment opportunities to our clientele, and to maintain a dedicated staff to meet those needs.

We welcome the opportunity to help our clients achieve their investment goals, and are always open to more effective and creative ways to do exactly that!

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