The Real Estate Radio USA Team

The Real Estate Radio USA Team

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  • April 27, 2015

What do we do? It may seem that the simple answer is that we buy houses for cash! While that may be true, it’s how we do it that makes us different.

We consider ourselves to be South Florida’s leading residential real estate acquisition company. We’re a small, family based operation that has built an unparalleled network and infrastructure.

Now practicing throughout the entire State of Florida, we’ll look at any residential or multi-family property. However, we specialize in foreclosures, REOs, courthouse auctions, short sales, estate sales, and property management.

Since 1999, our principals have been involved in the purchase, financing , and/or sale of over 5,200 properties. We’ve helped homeowners stop foreclosures and dispose of properties that they no longer want…whatever the reason.

Another thing that separates us from the “We Buy Houses” crowd is that we actually look to provide affordable housing for our buyers when we re-sell our properties. While we’re certainly in business to earn a profit, we feel compelled to help the next family enjoy the American Dream as well.

Nothing pleases us more than to see someone who had to sell, return as a client looking to buy one of our homes. That’s quite fulfilling!

Homes Bought & Sold Since 1999

Short Sale Success Level

Short Sales Completed In The Last 2 Years!

The RERUSA team has been assembled to help property owners through a difficult situation quickly, without hassle and we protect our clients throughout the transaction.

From the first time we fired up the microphones and went on air, we’ve been helping Realtors, Investors, and prospective homeowners secure the best deals in the market.

There is NEVER an out-of-pocket cost for any of our services. NEVER! If you’re looking to sell a property we won’t be asking for a commission. We won’t be looking to “list” your home.

Here’s a simple statement that homeowners that need to sell should keep in mind. “Don’t call a Broker…call your Buyer”. When you call us, you’ll get a team of professionals that will be working on your behalf to BUY your property, not list it! And it won’t cost you a dime out-of-pocket. Not a penny in commissions out of your pocket. Ever!

Whatever your situation, we’ll listen to you to assess what needs you may have and we’ll suggest a viable solution for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in foreclosure, if you need to re-locate, if you need to dispose of marital assets because of a divorce, or if you inherited a property that you really don’t want to keep.

If you have problem tenants or if the property is in bad condition…even fire damaged, there’s no situation we can’t help with. If you need to move fast, please give us a call.

If you find yourself upside down and seemingly with no way out, you definitely need to give us a call. Our team has handled over 500 short sales in the last 2 years. We can certainly help you as well.


Barry Cunningham
Barry Cunningham Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

Barry Cunningham handles all of the marketing for RERUSA. As one of the original co-hosts of arguably the #1 real estate based online radio show, he’s had the opportunity to interview and work with some of the biggest names in real estate and business.

From Donald Trump to John Schnatter (CEO of Papa Johns), to the CEO of global strategy firm Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff and many other prominent business leaders across the world, Barry has had the opportunity to be on the pulse of real estate, business, and finance.

Barry is a residential housing veteran with over 20 years of transactional real estate experience. In addition, Cunningham toured the country teaching over 1,500 Realtors and investors how to successfully complete short sales.

As a part of his touring, corporate training gigs, and speaking engagements, he’s also taught mortgage lenders, attorneys, and bankers how to mitigate loss on non-performing assets and how to successfully process short sales.

Barry Johnson
Barry Johnson Real Estate Radio USA

Barry Johnson, is one half of the infamous B&B Crew that launched Real Estate Radio USA back in 2006.  Along with Barry Cunningham, the Crew recorded over 250 daily episodes of the show and that show launched our entire business. From hundreds of property acquisitions, speaking engagements, and live seminars, Barry was instrumental in launching it all.

Today, Barry remains a valuable part of Real Estate Radio USA and his counsel is as influential as it was from day one. Accordingly, he remains a partner in our operation and will continue to appear on video and on our podcast from time to time.

Robin Sing- Cunningham

Robin Sing-Cunningham has been a licensed Realtor for over 15 years and works on our acquisitions and dispositions operations. She is with Access USA Realty.

Compliance is a very important aspect of our business and Robin works closely with our legal counsel to make sure that we are always coloring within the lines.

She also handles contracts and the facilitation of our closings with our retail buyers. She also works hand-in-hand with our short sale specialists.

Robin is extremely proud of her work in the community over the last 20 years. She manages all of our charitable endeavors and works directly with national and local non-profit organizations.

We believe that another aspect that differentiates us is our strong belief in giving back and paying it forward.

Bryant Tutas

Bryant Tutas is the Short Sale king. End of story! Bryant has been a Realtor for over 18 years and works almost exclusively on Short Sales. There is no one better at getting short sales approved expeditiously.

Without a short sale superstar on the roster, you can’t do business in today’s real estate market.

Working with homeowners in distress can be very…well stressful. Working with banks trying to seize non-performing assets can be unbelievably challenging.

Bryant allows our homeowner clients to enjoy the peace of mind that there is someone working on their behalf who understands their situation, is compassionate about what they’re going through and excels at getting the bank to approve their short sale request.

RERUSA is excited to be able to help more homeowners simply by having Tutas at the ready.

When you work with us on your short sale you’ll be working with a seasoned team that has an 85%+ success rate and often we’ll get those deficiency judgments eliminated as well.

There is no reason whatsoever that you should lose your home to foreclosure. Zero! Not one reason. Except for the sole exception…you didn’t call us!

Oh…and as we mentioned above, we won’t have to go looking for a buyer. When the bank approves your short sale, the deal WILL close!

Erik Wesoloski

Erik Wesoloski is our legal eagle. As the principal in Miami based law firm, Wesoloski & Carlson, Erik is the perfect compliment to our in-house operation.

From handling foreclosure cases for our clients to helping facilitate private equite investment in our business, Erik provides us with the comfort of knowing where the landmines might be hidden in every deal that we work on.

It takes a Herculean effort to review everything that we need to process the thousands of foreclosure and property deals that we look at each month.

Erik oversees a team of attorneys and paralegals that screen all of our target properties for liens, encumbrances, and title problems so that we know we’re going to have a clean deal.

It takes a lot of private equity to keep RERUSA operating. When you’re looking at buying 50-250 properties per month in 5 different counties across the State of Florida and beyond, you need someone on your team who makes sure that all the “i’s” are dotted and that all of the “ts” are crossed.

Erik helps us work through the labyrinth of regulations and documentation needed to secure the private equity investments that allows us to buy property at wholesale prices in a timely fashion.

As a veteran lawyer who is experienced in real estate and private equity, we are happy to have Erik in every huddle.

By the way, how many of those in the “We Buy Houses” crowd do you think will arrange to have an experienced attorney working on your short sale or foreclosure defense?

That’s our team. I have just one request from you. If you’re doing your due diligence and you’re wondering who you should call to help you, take a look around our site.

Then compare the information that you find here against that of ANY of our competitors and I think you’ll come to the same conclusion that many people do every day.

It’s in your best interest to call in the “A-Team”.

About Barry Cunningham

Remember us? was one of the co-hosts of the long-running, truly goundbreaking, and arguably the #1 online radio show about real estate investing. Real Estate Radio USA was on the air 5 times per week before podcasting became cool. But now, we're back as a full multi-media operation and we're aggressively buying houses again! We're back baby!

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