Should You Call Those Signs That Say We Buy Ugly Houses For Cash?

Should You Call Those Signs That Say We Buy Ugly Houses For Cash?

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  • April 28, 2015

You’ve undoubtedly seen those signs (albeit illegal signs) on the side of the road or stapled to a pole at an intersection. If you’ve driven through most cities, I’m sure you’ve seen those annoying little signs.

We Buy Ugly Houses, We Buy Houses For Cash, And We Buy Houses In Any Condition

You’ve undoubtedly seen the signs. The ugly yellow signs sent out by people who send out the ugly yellow letters who say they buy ugly houses for cash.

Sound familiar to you? Well there are a lot of people realizing that the market is ripe for taking their turn at bat in real estate investing.

Before you call the number on one of those signs, I want you to pause and think about something. If the first impression that you obtain regarding a business is an illegal advertisement, is that a company that you should be looking to do business with?


Breaking The Law Isn’t A good Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Investors

If they’re breaking the law at the outset, what can you expect as you move through the sale of your most important asset? While there are some legitimate people out there who use bad marketing to try and earn a living, you have to understand that many of the people who post these signs are just flying by the seat of their pants. And some even find enjoyment in the cat and mouse game of having the police and city officials chase them around.

You’d be amazed to what extent some may go to in an effort to not be found by the local authorities. Watch this and let me know if you’d like to do business with these types of “businesses”.

There Are Actual Forums On Facebook That Advocate This Illegal Activity

Real Estate Radio USA Is A Different Kind Of Real Estate Investment Company

So how are we different? In 20 years involved in real estate, we’ve NEVER put one of those signs out. In fact, the bulk of our business is inbound. That means that most of our prospective clients seek us out. We’ve taken the time to build a real brand. We’ve taken the time to build a professional team. We operate a professional business.

Contrary to what the guy in the video above advocates, we don’t operate under cover of darkness to avoid detection by police and other municipal authorities. We are professional real estate buyers. We treat every single transaction as a part of our business. Yes, we WILL make a profit on every transaction, but everything that we will do is completely legal. And we’re proud to openly promote what we do.

If you’d like to find out more about us and what we do, you can click here.

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