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Luke Bryan Announces Tour Then Stage Collapses At Concert

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Country music’s hottest stay, Luke Bryan announced his new tour this week. Just days after announcing the tour, a stage collapsed at one of his concerts.

It’s been reported that a few stage hands were rushed to the hospital after Bryan’s show at Ohio State. The cause of the collapse appears to be human error as a forklift crashed into a portion of the stage during take down.

Luke’s next concert — scheduled for tonight in Lexington, Kentucky, has been rescheduled to February.

The Stream Economy | Where Micro Content Rules [Video]

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Gary Vaynerchuk Stream EconomyThe Stream Economy | Where Micro Content Rules [Video]

Whether you want to believe it or not, that’s up to you. But it’s true. People are consuming co much content that they don’t have time for your 1,000 word blog post.

You have just seconds to get someone’s attention and if you’re lucky enough to grab their attention you have just a few seconds more to keep it.

Gary Vaynerchuk describes the phenomenon as the “Stream Economy”. It’s a world that is mobile, is fast and only has time for the most interesting of content.

If you’re still reading this then I know I’ve succeeded and I know you understand what I mean. That’s a good thing. For both of us!

Chicago Teachers Go On Strike | “It’s All About The Children Though” [Video]

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Chicago Teachers StrikeChicago Teachers Go On Strike | “It’s All About The Children Though” [Video]

The first teacher’s strike in decades began this morning as the Chicago Teacher’s Union decided to hold the Windy City hostage. Such caring people. I’m going to love to see how they spin this.

What this is…is nothing but unadulterated greed. Do you know that the average teacher’s salary in Chicago is $76,000.00 BEFORE benefits? Shameful!

Well the world of social media reacts!

Chicago Teachers Union Walks Out On The Kids!

After hearing everyone at the Democratic National Convention tell us over and over that it’s all about our children’s future, we find out the truth of the matter. That it really isn’t as over 25,000 teachers walked out today because they want more money and more entitlement benefits. Unbelievable.

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Picket lines up after CPS, teachers fail to prevent strikeStriking for the first time in 25 years, Chicago's teachers set up picket lines this morning after talks with public school officials…
yeah these folks are fighting for the kids….my a@# they are!
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis speaks to 18000 supporters on Labor Dayctutv1
AP Top Storiesassociatedpress
Talks Fail; Chicago Teachers Union to Strikeassociatedpress
this animated video is awesome!!
Chicago teachers strike explained to a 5th grader (parody)1374seth
What Karen Lewis Does Every Morninggemnyc1
Chicago Mayor Emanuel: Teachers Strike a Choiceassociatedpress
As bodies continue to pile in the streets, infrastructure crumbles, budget gaps widen, and now teacher’s go on strike, what’s Rahm’s number one priority? You guessed it…Fundraising! Congratulations Chicago, you got exactly who you deserve…But hey the Bears won…that’s all that matters right?Chuck Pullen
Chicago Teachers Union: We have failed to reach an agreement that will prevent a labor strike – @Suntimes News
yep..AVERAGE teacher salary is $76,000.00!!!
Avg. Chicago teacher salary $76,000 BEFORE benefits Greedy unions! #CTU @DailyRundown @ChuckTodd @CNNSitRoomTJB
Teachers on strike in Chicago? Why not save the money. Given the state of graduation rates, families, and rampant corruption…Scott Strople
Feeling a little anxious for the youth of Chicago…29,000 teachers on strike= TONS of kids in the streets……Barbie G
and of course, you get the union supporters who really show their true colors
Support #CPS teachers!!! Beep at them when you pass by their schools!!! #CTUstrike #ChicagoMelissa Palomo
Chicago teachers on strike? But didnt the school year JUST start?????Marrio James
Teachers In Country’s 3rd Largest District Go On Strike – On Monday, Chicago’s public school students won’t have any… Minds
Chicago teachers strike: Almost 30,000 teachers and support staff are off the job after their union and school officials failed to re…Latasha Ward
CHICAGO (CBS) — The first Chicago teachers’ strike in 25 years has left parents and st CP
This breaks my heart as a teacher. Hurts kids the most."@FoxNews: Chicago teachers to strike after talks fail”Julie Dyess
#Chicago teachers are on strike, 1st time in 25 yrs… In a presidential election year when one candidate’s hometown is ChicagoRuth Ravve
These kids in Chicago need to be in school, teachers get it together, sometimes its not always about the $$$ but the ones we reach!!!!Dr. C. Parker; Ed.D.
Breaking: 25,000 Chicago teachers to walk out, Affecting 350,000 kids. Biggest #teacher strike in generation.,0,2062807.story #laborSteven Greenhouse
A 2% raise every year for 4 years, I know that enough & you deserve more, but teachers get back to the classroom, if it’s about the money you wouldn’t have become teachers. You did for the incredible thing that is knowledge & the passion for learning. I know the city screwed you when they backtracked the initial offer, but do right by the kids, especially in the city of Chicago.Q.d. Bacon
In Chicago, the teacher’s union is going on strike… so my question is who is at fault here? Should teachers strike, and leave the kids hanging? I find it interesting Karen Lewis (Union President), pointed to many issues that need to be addressed such as the need for more social workers, addressing violence in the community, and other wrap around services, so you address this by not going to work? You support the kids by not having class? Oh, but I guess until this contract thing is figured out, the kiddos in those violent neighborhood she mentioned will have to make do. Shawn L. Gardner
What a sham. Chicago teachers are on strike for a 16% pay increase during difficult economic times. Granted, Rahm Emanuel has aggravated the situation by extending the school day by 90 minutes and laying off 477 teachers. Is that the answer to better education….by either side? In the meanwhile, while teachers are on strike, the Chicago schools will be open with the only purpose of providing breakfast and lunch to lower income children. WTF? Bus the kids to school, feed them breakfast, let them run around for 4 hours, then feed them lunch and send them home. What’s wrong with this picture?Tommy Day
So…. This is how we get to SB5 and such bills around the country. The state will give in to unsustainable levels of compensation – with increased red tape in slimming the staff = A countdown to fiscal disaster. And as long as we keep bailing them out – they’ll keep asking for more.Christopher Justice Hopps
Time to FIRE every damn last one of em and start over with ALL new teachers Todd Kiergen
: respectfully, I FEEL, that teachers dont teach for the money. they teach because of their love for kids. molding young minds and developing them into young adults. trying to make a difference for them, with them. NOT teach based on greed. look how selfish you have become to not think about 400K kids running around the streets or about the parents that now how to find sitters and/or take off work because they dont have the luxury to "up-and-quit" their job because they feel they are un-justly compensated. IF ANYTHING, decide these terms in the non-school year/summer?! SDV_2cents A. DeVries
This morning all I have to say is WOW! Our children always are the ones losing out. Just take a look at about twenty years ago The Board of Education was on Pershing Road. This location housed the board, the union, the maintenance facility, the storage facility, etc. Now everyone is downtown in luxury. We wonder why the budget isn’t where is suppose to be! On a average a teacher with an associates degree makes twice as much as our blue collar workers like our postal service employees. I was raised in the Chicago public schools, I have a mother and a step father than gave over forty years. When I choose my profession they begged me not to work for CPS, they said the BS is going to get worse. It did now all parents get paid and actions for giving their time to their children. The teachers are constantly asking for a raise but our children are still not up to their proper education level. The politics controls our students destiny’s. What happened Chicago Board of Education, PTA, CTU, teacher’s, staff, "Are the children really your concern, or that BMW? Did anyone stop to think about scarf ice to make our children first priority. Didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or say that everyone is against our children. I woke up to my step father a grown man crying about how bad this system is and how our children is losing out. How do you argue or disagree with a 78 year old man, with over forty years of service to CPS alone, still subbing and tutoring!Nanette Mark Richards
"CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — The first public-school teachers strike in a quarter-century is underway in Chicago, canceling classes in the nation’s third largest school system, after marathon contract talks with city officials ended Sunday night without a deal.The teacher strike is the first in Chicago since 1987 and the first in a big U.S. urban district since one in Detroit in 2006. It follows months of acrimony between the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. "SEE Blotnicky
The first teachers strike in 25 years starts today in Chicago with pickets at at 675 schools and the Board of Education.CSaction Org
Vote no! Vote no! Teachers are still mouthing the same lies: me, me, me, my pension, my job. Notice how long it takes for them to get around to mention the word "students." There is no connection between your child’s education and collective bargaining rights! Watch Waiting for Superman. Look at what’s happening in Chicago, stupidity. Teachers are striking in Obama’s old town, in Emmanual’s town, giving the democarats reason to work with moderate republicans to reform teachers unions. Treat police separately. Have a heart. Gina Fournier
"WHOA" This is big, very big ! 29,000 teachers on strike in Chicago, the nations third largest "PUBLIC" school district. Hang on.Craig A Sawyer
My dad’s CHICAGO TEACHERS union pins!sparkyourart
Chicago Teachers Union to strikeSep. 10, 2012 – The Chicago Teachers' Union announced on Sunday night that it is going on strike for the first time in 25 years. The …
Chicago teachers to strike for first time in 25 yearsCHICAGO (Reuters) – Chicago public school teachers will strike for the first time in a quarter century on Monday after they failed to rea…
Chicago teachers, school board halt strike talksCHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago public school board president says talks with the teachers union have been called off as the clock winds down…
Morning Score: Obama wins cash dashDRIVING THE DAY – CHICAGO TEACHERS GO ON STRIKE: “After an all-day negotiating session Sunday, school board President David Vitale told r…
Chicago teachers to strike after talks failCHICAGO — Chicago teachers went on strike Monday for the first time in 25 years after their union and district officials failed to reach…
Chicago Teachers to Begin City's First School Walkout Since 1987Chicago teachers will stay out of their classrooms today after contract negotiations broke down, starting the first public-school strike …
Chicago Teachers Say They Will StrikeChicago public school teachers were set to go on strike Monday, canceling classes in the nation's third largest school system, after …

The Just for Men Baby Beard Commercial | Are You Kidding Me? [Video]

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Some people find this cute, but most find it just a bit weird. Here’s a question you have to ask yourself when watching this video. If the subject was a little baby girl, with a bunch of old guys drooling over her and looking to jump the little girls bones…would it still be a cute commercial?

You Also have to wonder what demo they are going after. Sad middle aged men who want young 20 somethings…even sadder in my opinion.

Our Happy New Year Greeting Message To You!

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Happy New Year 2012

We wanted to shout out a Happy New Year Greeting Message To All Of Our Readers, Viewers, And Listeners!

I was trying to find the right words to say and I thought it appropriate to keep it simple and make it a message for everyone who visits us…so here goes.

Happy New Year to all and may 2012 bring you joy, peace and the fulfillment of your dreams. May 2012 also be a safe year for you and your family. We pray that the next 365 days be days of smiles and prosperity for you and yours and should any tears be shed that they be joyous tears.

Story continues below...

Bonne année à tout et peut 2012 vous amènent la joie, la paix et l’accomplissement de vos rêves. Pouvoir 2012 sont aussi un an sûr pour vous et votre famille. Nous prions que le prochain 365 jours est des jours de sourires et la prospérité pour vous et le vôtre et doit n’importe quelles déchirures sont perdues qu’ils sont des déchirures joyeuses.

Glückliches Neujahr zu alle und kann 2012 bringen Ihnen Freude, Frieden und die Erfüllung von Ihren Träumen. Kann 2012 auch sind ein sicheres Jahr für Sie und Ihre Familie. Wir beten, dass die nächsten 365 Tage Tage des Lächeln und Wohlstands für Sie und ihres sind, und werden irgendeine Risse verschüttet sollten, dass sie freudige Risse sind.

שנה טובה לכם לכל מאי 2012 להביא לכם שמחה, שלום על הגשמת החלומות שלכם. מאי 2012 גם להיות בטוח, כי אתה את בני המשפחה שלך. אנחנו מתפללים כי בסמוך 365 ימים להיות ימי חיוכים ושגשוג לכם, שלך צריך כל דמעות זל כי הם להיות שמח דמעות.

L’anno nuovo felice a tutto e può 2012 la portano la gioia, la pace e l’adempimento dei suoi sogni. Potere 2012 sono anche un anno sicuro per lei e la sua famiglia. Preghiamo che il prossimo 365 giorni è i giorni di sorrisi e la prosperità per lei ed il vostro e dovrebbe qualunque lacrime è il capannone che sono delle lacrime gioiose.

全部への幸福な元日そして2012があなたに喜びをもたらすかもしれなくて、平和とあなたの夢の遂行。 2012が同様にあなたとあなたの家族のための安全な1年であるかもしれません。 私たちが祈る 次の365日が微笑とあなたとあなたのもののために繁栄の日々である そして 涙が流されれば それらが喜ばしい涙である。

С новым годом все и май 2012 приносить Вам радость, мир и выполнение ваших мечтаний. Май 2012 также, быть безопасным годом для Вас и вашей семьи. Мы просим, что следующие 365 дней – дни улыбок и процветания для Вас и ваш и если любые слезы теряться что они быть радостными слезами.

Próspero Año Nuevo a todo y puede 2012 le traen alegría, la paz y el cumplimiento de sus sueños. Pueda 2012 también son un año seguro para usted y para su familia. Oramos que los próximos 365 días sean días de sonrisas y prosperidad para usted y para suyo y deban cualquier lágrima es soltada que ellos son lágrimas gozosas.

幸福的新年到所有和愿 2012 年带给你欢乐,和平和你的梦的履行。2012 年 5 月也是对于你和你的家庭的一安全年。我们祈求未来 365 天是天的微笑和对于您全家的繁荣和应该任何眼泪被流出那他们是快乐的眼泪。

سعيدة للعام الجديد كل شيء قد تجلب لك الفرح عام 2012, والسلام عليكم الوفاء الأحلام. قد يكون أيضا آمنة للعام 2012 عليكم وعلى أسرتك. وندعو الله أن يكون القادم لمدة 365 يوما, ورفاهية بسمات ايام لكم ولجهودكم الدموع, وفي حال يجب أن يكونوا المبتهجة الضوء بالدموع.

This is our Happy New Year Greeting Message to the world. Please excuse us if there was any bad translation here. Our desire was simply to wish all a Happy New Year!

DIRECTV Hammered On Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks ABC Coverage By Jeff Van Gundy

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DirecTV Blasted By Jeff Van Gundy

DirecTV Hammered On Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks ABC Coverage By Jeff Van Gundy

In watching the Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks NBA Christmas Special on ABC today you probably come away with three interesting tidbits.

1. The Dallas Mavericks have a long way to go to repeat as champions
2. Jeff Van Gundy won't be hired to do any DirecTV commercials; and
3. There is nobody in charge of Social Media over at DirecTV

If you've been watching the game you have been hearing Van Gundy absolutely go off on DirecTV for their pricing of their NBA package. It seems that even though the season has been cut short due to the lockout, DirecTV is not reducing their prices.

Story continues below...

"If you get 20% less games , shouldn't you pay 20% less?'", ranted Van Gundy. In what was a pretty boring half of basketball, van Gundy had ample opportunity to rip DirecTV and it seems he wasn't going to let up.

Maybe DirecTV pissed him off. We don't know, but what's for certain, Twitter and Facebook lit up about it. And there has been not a single response by anyone at DirecTV. So, we can be pretty sure that DirecTV has nobody minding the shop.

A search of Twitter found a main account with no activity in the last six or so hours and a few basically abandoned Twitter accounts. But while those accounts are collecting dust and seeing cobwebs from, a social media firestorm ( I really wanted to use another word there) ensued.

Check it out:

Andre Curry Posts Picture Of His Daughter Bound By Duct Tape On Facebook [Picture]

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Andre CurryAndre Curry Posts Picture Of His Daughter Bound By Duct Tape On Facebook

No, I'm not making this up. You can't make this stuff up. In arguably one of the stupidest, and cruelest, Facebook updates ever, the 21 year old, posted a photo of his one-year-old daughter bound in duct tape on Facebook.

This is a prime example of how NOT to use social media. Sometimes when my clients ask me what kinds of things aren't good to post to Facebook, it's hard for me to describe. Not anymore.

It goes without saying that this guy is a complete idiot. First and foremost, abusing a child in this manner is heinous. Second, taking a picture, bragging about it, and then posting it on a social media platform is truly indicative of a lower life form.

The shame of the matter is that this guy actually had children when he is so obviously not qualified to even be a human being. But, since Mr. Curry likes social media so much, I figured we'd show him how to truly be found online and I wanted to see if we couldn't immortalize him.

Now, for the rest of your, soon to be childless life, anyone that Google's the name Andre Curry will see this, and I'm sure many other articles about you. Good luck getting a job anytime soon.

So please, by all means…retweet this so as to make sure this guy never has the ability to hide. Can ya tell this pissed me of?

Not soon to be nominated as Father Of The Year, Curry was deservedly charged Tuesday with aggravated domestic battery.

Story continues below...

The picture has since been removed but several Facebook friends posted comments about the photo shown below:

baby bond in duct tape on facebook

In one angry comment, a woman calls the Chicago area man a “nasty dirty child abuser.” In another, a woman claims she called DCFS and pointed them in the direction of his profile.

It’s unclear whether the man removed the photo on his own or whether a user reported it as abuse. A Facebook post about its website security says content that is “hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence” is not allowed on the site.

Chicago police have been investigating the incident since being notified of the photo on Dec. 14, spokesman Michael Sullivan said.

DCFS spokesman Jimmie Whitelow confirmed the agency is also investigating allegations of abuse in the case. DCFS has had no prior contact with the family, he said.

Curry is expected Wednesday in bond court.

If You Upload Child Abuse Photos To Facebook, Your Friends Will Turn On You At least one of Andre Curry's friends was horrified rather then impressed. One friend commented, “You goin' to jail,” reports the Smoking Gun. Word of the child abuse got to the police, either directly from the friend or through Facebook after the

Chicago Father Faces Abuse Charges Over Facebook Image of Daughter Bound With … Chicago Police Department spokesman Officer Ron Gaines told that Andre Curry faces one count of aggravated domestic battery. He was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly used purple painter's tape to bind his daughter.

Dad faces abuse charges over Facebook post of girl Police spokesman Officer Ron Gaines says Andre Curry is charged with aggravated domestic battery. Police say Curry apparently posted the photograph on his Facebook page with the words, "This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back.

Chicago Father Faces Abuse Charges Over Facebook Image of Daughter Bound With … Chicago Police Department spokesman Officer Ron Gaines told that Andre Curry faces one count of aggravated domestic battery. He was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly used purple painter's tape to bind his daughter.

Chicago father, 21, faces abuse charges over Facebook post that shows girl … Police spokesman Officer Ron Gaines says Andre Curry is charged with aggravated domestic battery. Police say Curry apparently posted the photograph on his Facebook page with the words, “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back.

Andre Curry: Father Posts Photo of Daughter Bound with Duct Tape, Faces Abuse … Andre Curry, a 21-year-old father, faces abuse charges after he posted a photo of his one-year-old daughter bound with duct tape on Facebook. Curry was arrested on Tuesday in Chicago after he posted the

Child abuse charges for man who allegedly bound toddler with tape, posted … Andre Curry is facing child abuse charges after allegedly taking a photograph of his one-year-old daughter bound in tape and posting it on Facebook. (CBS/AP) CHICAGO – A man who allegedly took a photograph of his one-year-old daughter bound in tape

Chicago Father Faces Abuse Charges Over Facebook Image of Daughter Bound With … Chicago Police Department spokesman Officer Ron Gaines told that Andre Curry faces one count of aggravated domestic battery. He was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly used purple painter's tape to bind his daughter.