Extraordinary Video Of Gunman Clay Duke In Florida School Board Shooting [Video]

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  • December 15, 2010

Extraordinary Video Of Gunman Clay Duke In Florida School Board Shooting  [Video]

Apparently a gunman started shooting in a Florida school board meeting on Tuesday, with the superintendent sitting in front of the man holding the pistol and pointing it directly in the board member’s face.

The video is shocking to see, almost as though it were being played out on a television or movie set. The visual of someone standing with his arm straight out and holding a firearm pointing directly at a person, then shooting, is remarkable. The fact that no-one was dead was also incredible, as it was practically at point-blank range.

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The gunman walked into the school board meeting and started to spray paint the podium with a symbol of a ‘V’ and a circle around it. As people ran out of the room, screaming and diving for cover, a security guard finally came in and began to shoot back, which ended up with the gunman getting hit. He later died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound, say police.

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Despite several shots being fired, no one else was hit. In video of the clash that lasted several minutes, Duke dispassionately confronts the Bay District school board, telling everyone in the room to leave except the men on the board. Duke, who was wearing a dark pullover coat, stands about eight feet directly in front of the board with the gun at his side.

The Bay City Schools superintendent who calmly confronted the gunman who threatened to shoot him during the meeting said God protected him when Clay A. Duke opened fire “It could have been a monumental tragedy,” Superintendent Bill Husfelt said late Tuesday, wearing a sweat shirt and pajama bottoms, surrounded by his family.

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