Cliff Lee’s Wife | Did Kristen Lee Stiff The Yankees?

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  • December 14, 2010

cliff lee's wifeCliff Lee’s Wife | Did Kristen Lee Stiff The Yankees?

If you’re married you know how much influence the lady of the house has over your decisions. So it’s not hard to imagine that Cliff Lee’s wife, Kristen, didn’t have more than a little influence on his decision to go to the Philadelphia Phillies instead of to the New York Yankees.

If you’re married you’d also know that Cliff Lee will never say what he and Kristen talked about that made him take tens of millions of dollars less, not to go to New York. Maybe the problems that Mrs. Lee had with Yankees fans last year had something to do with his decision. DUH???

Let me fill you in on something. Cliff Lee makes a lot of money. You have to admire the character of a guy who says.. “Sweetie, if it makes you happy, I’ll settle for $120 Million instead of you having to deal with the Bronx meanies.”

Tough one to call there. Pretty much husband of the year material there don’t you think? c’mon, it was an easy call. You go to a team that is in better position than the Yankeees to win a World Series in the near future. You add over $100 Million to your bank account. You don’t have to live in New York. AND you make your wife happy? Puhleeasse!

According to Phillies beat writer Randy Miller:

“A good source tells me that Cliff Lee”s wife is the main reason he didn’t sign with Yankees. She wanted NO PART of New York, i was told…..Apparently incident with Lee’s wife had last fall with Yankees fans wasn’t forgotten. Besides that, she’s not fond of NY. She LOVES Philly.”

A few months ago, following the Texas Rangers’ win over the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series, ESPN reported that Kristen Lee was harassed by New York fans when she watched her husband pitch at Yankee Stadium.

During the American League Championship Series games in New York between the Yankees and Rangers, fans were extremely rude to Kristen Lee, spitting and throwing beer in her direction and shouting obscenities.

Now, it seems that Cliff Lee’s wife, Kristen Lee, has exacted her revenge and has the last laugh.

Man it’s great to be a Red Sox fan today! By the way, my wife is a die-hard Yankees fan so you know how things are here at home. But I won’t rub it in…until April!

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