Constitution Day Activities for Kids

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  • September 17, 2010

Constitution Day Activities for Kids

Do you know today is a historic day in American History? In fact, it’s an unheralded day and becoming a day which what is stands for makes it even more important. It’s Constitution Day.

Bet you didn’t even know there even was such a thing did you. But in today’s movement of “We the People”, it is a very important reminder of what America was founded on and what we stand for.

The U.S. Constitution was signed in 1787 and today is when we celebrate Constitution Day.


Today marks the 223rd anniversary of the signing of the document that laid the foundation for the United States of America.

And for students in public school, today is a government-mandated learning opportunity.

In 2004, Congress renamed the former “Citizenship Day” to “Constitution and Citizenship Day.” At the urging of the late West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, the resolution included a requirement that educational institutions that receive Federal funds must hold an educational program on the Constitution on September 17 of each year.

But don’t let the learning stop when the bell rings. Here are some fun activities for kids that will educate and entertain them as they learn more about the U.S. Constitution.

Believe it or not, there are some really neat Constitution Day activities for kids.

The way things seem to be headed in America, I think that it is vitally important to do all we can as parents to let our children know everything they can absorb about the Constitution of the United States of America. I hope that you agree.

Constitution Game – From Scholastic, this online activity involves sorting statements from the Constitution into their proper places in the document.

In addition to the game, you’ll find lots of information about the Constitution, an opportunity to vote in the Bill of Rights poll and an article by Constitution expert Caroline Kennedy.

Life Without the The Bill of Rights – An interactive game from the Bill of Rights Institute, players experience what life would be like without their constitutionally-protected rights and freedoms.

You will also find links to other activities and information including quizzes, lesson plans and printable pocket Constitutions.

Holiday Zone – Here you will find a collection of coloring pages and worksheets for kids of all ages.

Think you already know everything there is to know about being an American?

Put your knowledge to the test by answering some sample questions from the same Naturalization Test given to people seeking American citizenship. I bet you’ll be both surprised and ashamed about how much you don’t know about America!

Al in all, today marks an often overlooked day on our calendar but it doesn’t make it any less important. Actually given today’s times..much to the contrary.

Libertarian Candidate Spreading His Message Gray’s next stop was Constitution Dayat Friends University in Wichita Sept. 15th. Gray will be speaking at the 2010 Kansas Conference on Poverty on the 24th  

Constitution Day At Jennie F. Snapp Middle School Numerous political figures were present Friday at Jennie F. Snapp Middle School to celebrate Constitution Day 20 teachers and staff dressed up to represent

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