Islamic Socialism | Should Americans Be Worried? [Videos]

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  • February 4, 2011

Islamic Socialism | Should Americans Be Worried?

It’s easy to laugh off the idea of Islamic Socialism and to call people like Glenn Beck “loonie conspiracy theorists“, but are you really going to ignore the threat?

I looked up conspiracy theorists and the definition I found in numerous locations online say that conspiracy theorists are people who:  form claims of civil, criminal, or political conspiracy. Or any fringe theory which explains a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by conspirators of almost superhuman power and cunning.Thank you Wikipedia.

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I don’t see anywhere in the definition where it says you are a conspiracy theorist when you are stating facts that are not disputed and confirmed. So Rachel Maddow and some of you other left wing bomb throwers, put that in your hat and smoke it along with whatever else you are smoking.

The threat of Islamic Socialism is very real and it’s not anything I am saying, Glenn Beck is saying, Sean Hannity is saying or anybody else is saying. The Muslim extremists who want to see the eradication of the people of Israel and any other pig like infidel, are openly stating this and they are not at all afraid to tell you what they would like to see happen to the United States.

So how can you call someone a conspiracy theorist when miserable scumbags like Anjem Choudary tell you pretty much point blank what their intentions are. They don’t hide it so why are people on the left convinced that the threat isn’t real? Choudary says that we’re afraid because they’re bringing the fight to our backyard. His words, not mine.

So how do you explain that away as a conspiracy theory when Muslim extremists are not even masking their hatred for the United States. Answer? You can’t. We must realize that their is an enemy out there that is real and they are determined to take away our way of life.

What bothers me more than the threat of Muslim extremists is the fact that so many here in our media and in Washington see Socialism as an experiment they want to try and are cultivating a ideology of entitlement, fear and hatred of Capitalism.

We can’t let this go. Get educated and don’t take this threat of Islamic Socialism or any socialistic tenet lightly.

Glenn Beck Has Some Americans Fearing Islamic Socialism and a Muslim Caliphate Glenn Beck has been ranting a lot about the Middle East this week, suggesting that the revolution in Egypt is the seed of a “Muslim caliphate.  

Egypt Voices Ultimate Revolution Freedom (Hurriyat), Socialism(Ishtrakia) and Democracy (Al-Jhamuriya) have essence of Islamicrule. A great battle of Karbala was fought some 100 kms. from  

The (Sordid) Tale of Three Arab Countries A famous example is Libya’s “Islamic socialism.” Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, in power since Anwar Sadat’s assassination in 1981, has run the country for 30

A leader par excellence .. the binding force of Islamic socialism and wide ranging social, political, economic, industrial, labour, educational, administrative and land reforms.

Pakistan: Class War On The Cards this despite some of their slogans of socialism, Islamism or ‘Islamic socialism‘. This secularist capitalist elite fed the retrogressive uneducated mullahs

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  • Michael says:

    Stand in the Truth? What or Who is Telling the Truth!

    Truth Revealed by Demo what Authority HYH HY YY AS Demonstrated words without Writing or Saying.

    Deu. 28: what cancer is to the body, Islam is to the Countries that Reject the Truth of the Gospel

    Strange what are the Non Muslim Countries waiting for before the move against such a Murderous Groupe, Armies, Police usally react to such threats, or you go to jail.

    Or is it part of the Mystery of Evil, deception givern over to the Lies, since the rejection of the Truth, almost anything related to Christianity in America is being outlawed, driven out, schools, government etc etc. TEST mention the NAME OF YESHUA what Reactions do you GET Positive or Negative?

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