How Important Are Long Tail Keywords?

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  • December 18, 2009

long tail keywordsHitwise  recently released some really valuable search related to the value of searches involving long tail keywords. I really like how they broke out the information to make it really easy to understand.

Long tail keywords which they define as those queries of more than five words of length or longer, were the only group of keywords to show growth.

Keyword searches of 5 words or longer accounted for nearly 19% of the search volume. This is huge for those of us in affiliate marketing.

Especially where we are promoting consumer retail products. This means that there is some really low hanging fruit out there with extremely low levels of competition.

Identifying “The Long Tail” – Chris Anderson


While one word keywords are the top search, representing 24% of the searches, the consumer only starts there. Their re-queries bring them down to where it makes sense for us to generate substantial profits by grabbing hold of the long tail keywords which represent their re-query.

For instance, take the term “costumes”. It is a one word keyword that will basically be impossible to rank for. But the consumer only starts there. Then they begin the re-query or drill down process and end up at “Michael Jackson Costumes For Kids”. Think the latter is a serious prospect with credit card in hand? We sure found them to be and the  Hitwise study confirms this.

We have found this to be true lately as our Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas sites have been killing it. All of which have serious long tail keywords implemented in the domain, description, url and the articles surrounding and supporting the products we have been promoting.

What kind of long tail keywords are you using in your promotional endeavors? If your not familiar with the concept of long tail keywords you may want to check out Chris Anderson’s blog on long tail keywords. He pretty much birthed the Long Tail.

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