President Barack Obama Appoints William Daley As Chief Of Staff Today [Video]

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  • January 6, 2011

President Barack Obama Appoints William Daley As Chief Of Staff Today.

William Daley will be officially appointed today at a press conference approximately 2:30pm. In a formal announcement, the president will proclaim Daley to take over the office formerly led by Rahm Emanuel.

Gibbs left just a few days ago, to speaking engagements, and possible campaigning for the president in 2012.

Daley, who like President Obama is from Chicago, led the Commerce Department during the Bill Clinton administration. He returns to government after a stint with JP Morgan Chase.

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Daley continues the heavy Chicago bent of Obama’s White House. He is a son of the legendary Chicago mayor Richard Daley and brother of the city’s outgoing mayor, also named Richard.

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Daley’s appointment was seen as a signal of Obama’s intention to change political tack after receiving a drubbing in the midterm elections in November. The president now faces a resurgent Republican party which on Wednesday took control of the House of Representatives.

Daly, who brings with him an outsider’s perspective and minimal ideological baggage, may help Obama to bridge the party divide more successfully than he has to date.

Speculation about Daley appointment was rife since he made a quiet visit to the White House yesterday. Several news outlets reported that the job had been offered and accepted.

The chief of staff position is the highest profile in a number of posts to be filled as Obama works his way through a post-midterm round of musical chairs. Pete Rouse, who has been standing in as acting chief of staff for the last few months following the departure of Rahm Emanuel, who is running for Daley’s brother’s job of Chicago mayor, will be made a senior adviser to Obama. Rouse made it clear that he did not want the role of chief of staff in the first place.

Daley gets WH chief of staff job On the upside, William Daley has plenty of experience in both the private sector and in government; he worked for Bill Clinton as Secretary of Commerce for

AP sources: Obama chooses Daley as chief of staff Ushering in change at the top of his team, President Barack Obama has chosen William Daley to be his new chief of staff,

Obama Selects Pro-Abortion William Daley as Chief of Staff Obama replaced Emanuel with another Chicago political insider who favors abortion — former commerce secretary William Daley, who, along with his brother,

Barack Obama approaches William Daley over chief of staff role … Chicago heavyweight a controversial choice with parts of Democratic base given his role at major bank and opposition to healthcare reform.

Obama Will Tap William Daley as New Chief of Staff Daley will take over for interim chief Pete Rouse, who replaced Rahm Emanuel when he decided to run for mayor of Chicago.

Obama picks JP Morgan’s Daley as top aide The chief of staff is a critical position, leading White House efforts to carry out the president’s agenda. Obama is expected to announce on Friday the

Obama chooses William Daley as White House chief of staff Considered the most consuming job in the White House, the chief of staff shapes nearly everything that Obama deals with — how the president spends his time

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