The Sell Your Foreclosure Marketing Campaign

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  • May 6, 2010

sell foreclosureA couple of weeks ago I created somewhat of a stir by publishing what I believe to be the best marketing letter ever to homeowners in foreclosure. We heard from all kinds of people. Realtors and Investors who voiced their opinions on the letter.

Well, what once was just a marketing letter, is now a full fledged multi-media blitz to stimulate our real estate investing¬†efforts to buy houses. We buy houses, we buy ugly houses and we’ll buy just about anything if the numbers make sense.

So we took the very same letter that we showed you and we mailed the letter out to 200 homeowners who are in various stages of foreclosure. As part of the message, homeowners are directed to a website featuring a video that we are using to explain our buying process.

The website is Sell Your Foreclosure Now. (Click on the link to see the real easy set-up that we put in place.)

What you’ll find is a short, informative video that doesn’t collect any information from the homeowner. We speak very directly to them and instruct them to make the first move, which all of you legal eagles out there know , is VERY important.

This campaign is being promoted by the use of social media, YouTube, email marketing and of course the post cards and letters that have been sent out.

If you are looking to do a low cost marketing campaign to a very targeted and motivated group of Sellers, then this entire campaign can be easily duplicated in your market for under $250.00.

From the calls and appointments we are getting, that makes this marketing program an absolute no-brainer. Notice how none of it is really branded towards a specific area.

That’s by design as we can use this in any market in the Country. yep, we can be flipping houses anywhere in the country simply by doing a real cheap direct mail drop and directing the online promotional efforts accordingly.

Still think it’s a bad real estate market? ¬†Then maybe you might want to actually begin doing some very targeted, and proactive marketing. You now have the tools and directions on how to execute it. So what’s stopping you?

Let me know how it works for you. That is, for those of you willing to take some action!

About Barry Cunningham

Remember us? was one of the co-hosts of the long-running, truly goundbreaking, and arguably the #1 online radio show about real estate investing. Real Estate Radio USA was on the air 5 times per week before podcasting became cool. But now, we're back as a full multi-media operation and we're aggressively buying houses again! We're back baby!


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  • James says:

    I love it. How do I get that set up for under $300?

  • Hey James…it’s pretty simple actually. Another video coming very soon!

  • Ed Petrie says:

    Hi Guys!

    Great stuff. We already have a marketing campaign started using your techniques and will let you know the results. We were also thinking of using the marketing letters and postcards to drop a link to a site like this one with video further explaining the benefits, etc. Is the website you are using a template or something designed by someone with web design experience? We would like to create something like this but would like to get it looking better than just a you tube link. Any ideas?
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Hi Ed and thanks for the kind words and for stopping by.

    Go for it with the marekting and whatever I can assist with just let me know. Our site is the Revolution Theme but with a ton of customizations. The Revolution theme is strong out of the box but we tweaked it for some of the things we have needed. I’ll have Barry J email you and you guys can have some dialogue…he’s the one who does the site stuff.

  • Woodie says:

    Great letter:) Is there a way to open the letter in Microsoft Publisher?

  • Hi Woodie..I’ll email you a copy in the morning!

  • James says:


    You know I would like a copy of that letter too. Please send me a copy also at your earliest convenience. I love your stuff. i would like dialogue on website also

  • Thanks James.

    Dialogue? Please explain so that I can help.

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