Shocking Video Is Taken Of Dayna Kempson-Schacht By Firefighter [Video]

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  • October 19, 2010

Shocking Video Is Taken Of Dayna Kempson-Schacht By Firefighter [Video]

A firefighter took video of a shocking accident where Dayna Kempson-Schacht was killed.

The parents are outraged, and are pleading for the video to be taken out of circulation, and that the firefighter in question be punished. The firefighter has been suspended, until the legality has been established.

But there are questions surrounding this, namely if it is illegal for the video to have been taken in the first place, and secondly, to have been shared by other firefighters.

The question seems to be a moral one rather than a legal one, as many videos have been taken out in the field by first-responders of all kinds.


Nearly everyone on the planet has a cellphone and the genie is out of the bottle as far as anyone getting instant videos and putting them online. However, this particular video is not on Youtube, and is not availabe online.

Heartbroken parents Jeff and Lucretia Kempson are speaking out after Georgia firefighters allegedly filmed their daughter’s deadly wreck with a cell phone instead of pulling her lifeless body from her car.

A Georgia county is looking into whether any rules were violated after a firefighter took graphic cell phone video of a fatal crash that was shared with other firefighters, patrons at a bar and was later received by the father of the woman who died.

Jeff Kempson tells Atlanta station WAGA-TV he doesn’t understand why a firefighter would have taken the video of his daughter, 23-year-old Dayna Kempson-Schacht. She died July 17 when her car crashed into trees.

The Spalding County Sheriff’s office says a firefighter took the video on his personal cell phone and shared it with other firefighters. An unknown firefighter later took the video to a bar and texted it to other patrons. From there, the video spread.

Dayna Kempson-Schacht, 23, died on July 17 when her SUV crossed the central barrier, flipped multiple times and crashed into trees. Dayna, a mother-of-two, died instantly according to the coroner.

Months after her death Dayna’s parents were emailed the graphic video of the death scene by an ex-brother-in-law, after the footage was posted online.

On the video, one person says, ‘Oh my God,’ and two voices can be heard describing body parts in a matter-of-fact way.

The Spalding County Sheriff’s office says a firefighter took the video on his personal cell phone and shared it with other firefighters. An unknown firefighter later took the video to a bar and texted it to other patrons. From there, the video spread

The county is now looking into whether any rules were violated, but Dayna’s devastated parents believe there should be a law to prevent such footage.

Dad Jeff said he doesn’t believe responders should be allowed to carry cell phones as their radios are enough. ‘Any responder on any scene at any time who’s allowed to have his cell phone could take these videos,’ he told the Today Show on Tuesday.

But any law would be too late for the Kempsons, as the pictures of Dayna’s lifeless body are forever etched in their minds.

The horrible images are matched only by the tone in the firefighter’s voices, mom Lucretia said, as ‘there was no urgency to see if she was okay.’

The firefighter who filmed the video hasn’t commented.

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  • M Logan says:

    2 Points – first, it was their foolish choice to watch the video, they were warned in advance. Second, nobody is pointing out the obvious: that if their daughter hadn’t been driving drunk, this would be a non-issue. That’s the takeaway for her 2 kids….mommy did something very stupid and dangerous, and could have taken others out at the same time. Video of the aftermath is really not the point, and is MINOR by comparison.

  • J Poehling says:

    M Logan you are wrong. There are two issues here.

    The family of Dayna Kempson-Schacht is grieving the loss of their daughter, mother, and significant person in their lives. Was Dayna at error for causing that grief, possibly yes. Should others compound that grief – NO.

    A common citizen has every legal right to photograph an accident if they choose but from a point outside of the accident exclusion zone established by the police or fire fighters. A citizen could legally release or sell their photos and video if they choose. Personally I believe it would be morally wrong to release something like that but that is my morality and not necessarily the morality of the person who took the video. But things are different when you are on official duty and a sworn officer.

    The Firefighter had NO RIGHT to take this video – period.

    The firefighter was at the scene on official duty and/or inside of the controlled accident scene. It doesn’t matter if the firefighter was using department equipment or personal equipment. As a first responder the firefighter has violated everything he/she was taught and violated HIPAA rules and regulations, as well as confidentiality of information of citizens they are sworn to assist. There are federal civil penalties for knowingly releasing HIPAA protected information. The video images and descriptions of the body and body parts are protected by HIPAA Regulations. I would also assume, but don’t know for sure for this locality, the oath taken as a firefighter / paramedic / first responder has an ethics code also.

  • megan says:

    Thank you J Peohling. You are so right.

    M Logan your just a clueless and heartless jerk.

  • Lori says:

    She was not drunk, that has been proven.

  • M Logan says:

    Megan – thanks for such a poignant comment! The facts you offer and evidence by way of substantiation are indeed moving. Deep, deep stuff there.

    Lori – according to accounts by people ON THE SCENE, there was a strong smell of alcohol. That is pretty easy to pick out, and these people have plenty (sadly) of experience with it, so I tend to believe them. At least driving drunk would offer her SOME excuse – to have a wreck like that stone sober is utterly ridiculous. How many times have YOU been driving along and suddenly the vehicle flips several times and crashes into a bunch of trees?? Say what? The number of times is ZERO?? Gee that must mean you were paying attention to the very serious act of DRIVING, while you were driving. Amazing.

  • KA-P says:

    Alright M. Logan. Let me ask you one question, were you an officer or fire fighter on that scene? I didn’t think so. So who died and made you God? Oh that’s right…no one. Amazing huh? You might be entitled to your own opinion but I honestly don’t think you even deserve that. I don’t give a hoot if Daylan was drunk or not, she had two kids. And she was 23 years old, a mother is allowed to go out and have a night of fun…that doesn’t mean that her parents deserve to see that video. You’re a moran and it’s too bad that you weren’t the one that was killed in the car accident instead of that innocent young lady.

  • Jax says:

    M. Logan,
    The presence of alcohol in no way means the girl was drunk or even drinking for that matter. Who’s to say she wasn’t simply carrying alcohol in her vehicle, which might I add is perfectly legal at her age? I am 30 years old and do not drink a drop of anything, but I have bought alcohol and carried it home for my husband before who is also of legal drinking age. If I wrecked on the way home with a 12 pack of Bud Light the scene would most likely reek of alcohol, but it would not be because I was drinking it. You’re comments are heartless and judgmental.

  • M Logan says:

    Jax – good point.

    KA-P: learn to spell, people might take you more seriously. And the idea that “being a mom” somehow gives one the right to drive drunk is pretty disgusting.

    You all might be misconstruing my feelings on this….in no way do I feel this young lady deserved to die. My points are that (A) She was clearly responsible for her own death, (B) It’s amazing and fortunate that she didn’t kill or injure others with such a spectacular loss of control of her vehicle, and (C) Her parents were warned about the content of the video BEFORE they watched it, so it was their choice. Can anyone REALLY disagree with any of those 3 points??

  • Some guy says:

    M Logan, The point is, it’s bewilderingly disrespectful to film someones death then show it off like it’s a new tattoo. The fact that she fucked up and got herself dead, is a mute point. 99% of the population understands, some things you just don’t do. Just because you can do some doesn’t mean you should. its like fish gravy, yes you can make it, but why the hell would you. Anyone to do what these assholes did, needs to be taken to a dark room and have the shit knocked out of them. And that’s a point I REALLY don’t any could disagree with.

  • Sophie's Upset says:

    M LOGAN. (first commenter above) You should be ashamed of your words.You’re such a scum bag piece of $hi#. I can just tell that you’re one of those nasty cu#ts who sits on the computer all day talking $hit about everyone else to take out ur anger about being an over weight fugly f%cking reject with low self esteem and cold heart. Were you one of those girls who were rejecting by all the pretty girls in high school, to the point that ur glad when one dies?? That’s a rhetorical question idiot cause the answer is obvious. I hate vibrator stuck in the ass girls like you who hide behind a computer, why not give ur real name, address and phone number or even a picture when you talk $hit, cause you want to say what you want and have no consequences like a COWard!!! Scanks like you would never say this kind of crap to our faces , just on a computer. If you’re still so stupid and can’t understand why I’m mad (and I’m guessing you are) it’s cause you are the bitch people are talking about, you’re the mean girl who sits behind a computer hurting people and these parents just said last night on 20/20 that they have read the mean things people are saying about their daughter and you are that BITCH. I could not imagine being in their situation, having to read what dumb asses with no compassion are saying about someone they don’t even know. You typed to someone about how they have no evidence that she was not drinking BUT NEITHER DO YOU DUMB STUPID FU#K. I bet you searched for the video and that’s how you found this page and because you couldn’t find it you decided to rant anonymously instead. In pre-school you learn that if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all, but I think u skipped that day and the next 12 years cause you don’t sound educated to me. The computer gives losers like you the chance to say the most nasty and hateful things and you make me sick. You’re even talking shit about peoples spelling, that’s how heartless you are and just cause you use spell check doesn’t mean ur smart, it just means others are more authentic. You better hope that someday when ur all alone in ur small little efficiency apartment surrounded by ur 13 cats that you don’t die and someone video tapes it and then puts it on the web cause trust me when i say that people WILL WATCH cause we are all intrigued by EVIL. The next time you write something leave ur address and phone number bitch, maybe that will help you to think before you type but until then go back to ur lonely cold bed and keep ur gutless impulses to yourself. If karma is a bitch then you are the queen and you better WATCH OUT!!!

  • Sophie's Upset says:

    If the parents or the children of Dayna Kempson ever read this page then please just remember that you can’t fight stupid. There will always be ignorant and disgusting people in the world who feel they need to comment or do hurtful things to others but love is stronger then words. Dayna was a beautiful gift to this world and Im so sorry to her family.

    God Bless

  • Sophie..tell Logan how you really feel! :)

  • M Logan says:

    Sophie you fat ignorant ho. Cluelessness begins in your own mirror lady. First of all, I am not a female. Second, I have never used spellcheck in my life – don’t need to. Third, I am college educated. Fourth, I am not alone, I am married with 5 children. Fifth, I don’t live in an apartment, I own a decent-sized house. Sixth, this IS my real name. Seventh, I don’t see you posting YOUR pic or address and phone number… Lastly, I went back and read all my comments above just to see what may have set off a self-righteous lump of crap such as yourselff off in the first place, and I sure can’t figure it out. I stand by every single thing I said. Maybe once you learn to read – and comprehend – you will be able to understand how foolish you appear.

  • Donmotobike says:

    I agree with Logan..he has every right to express his opinion about the accident….so question is where is this video located?

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