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Young Asian Man Disguised As Ordinary Citizen On Canadian Airline [Video]

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Young Asian Man Disguised As Ordinary Citizen  On Canadian Airline [Video]

A young man disguised as an elderly man, an ordinary citizen, a regular passenger, was discovered on an Air Canada flight on Friday.

As he walked onto the plane, he looked to be in his eighties. This is what people are saying when passengers on Air Canada’s flight saw a young man emerge from the planes bathroom, apparently just haven taken a youth serum.

The impostor had switched boarding passes with someone else, reportedly. This is a high security alert for all airlines to watch.


The Chinese security didn’t pick up on this, the mask looks very realistic, and is a high-end silicone head mask, he included hat, a pair of glasses, and the accoutrement of an elderly man.

The passengers had noticed that the ‘elderly man’ was miraculously changed into a young Asian right after coming out of the restroom. The man had the ID of a 55 year-old person.

The company, Air Canada, is recommending an entire overhaul of it’s security measures, and is under investigation for screening procedures.

The man came from China, Hong Kong was the flight departure, and the destination was Vancouver, Canada. There are incidents of human smuggling, and this appears to be one of them.

The young man, who is yet to be identified, may have been trying to get out of China, where the human rights situation is deplorable. There is no freedom to leave the country if you want to relocate, and many are persecuted, even put to death for political reasons.

China has come under heavy condemnation for their inhumane practices of murder and torture of political dissidents.

The man was allegedly looking for political asylum in Canada, say authorities, who grabbed him when the plane disembarked it’s passengers.

A spokesman for Transport Minister Chuck Strahl said airlines are required to verify the identity of all passengers who appear to be 18 years or older as per identity screening regulations that were updated as recently as this fall.

“That means air carriers are supposed to look at a passenger’s face to determine if they appear to be over 18, and if so, compare their physical appearance with their travel documents,” John Babcock said.

What’s not clear is whether those procedures were followed in this case and, according to the Canada Border Services Agency, which intercepted the man when he landed in Vancouver on Oct. 29, that’s what authorities are looking into.

The man’s lawyer, Lee Rankin, is accusing Canadian authorities of “playing dirty” with his client, violating his privacy and potentially jeopardizing his personal safety, by showing his picture on CNN, perhaps putting him in some personal danger from Chinese assassins.

Rankin says revealing the man’s photo, even with the eyes blacked out, could expose him to risk in China, a country that “doesn’t appreciate its nationals embarrassing them.”

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