Terror Threat High For Christmas In America As Al Qaeda Calls For Violence [Video]

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  • December 16, 2010

Terror Threat High For Christmas In America As Al Qaeda Calls For Violence.

A Muslim extremist has been caught in Iraq, and confessed to a plot to attack America on Christmas, and now the threat level has been heightened for the entire country. Al Qaeda is calling for terrorist to create chaos for Christmas in America as they go about their holiday plans.

Americans are targeted again by the Muslim extremist group. Neil Livingston, a terror analyst, has gone on television to say that because of past actions of the terror group, the threat is credible. There is chatter that has U.S. security authorities worried.

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But there is nothing in the scuttlebutt that says where specifically and that leaves Americans to just be vigilant and watchful this holiday season. As millions take to the air, U.S. airline security will be more tight than ever, but will be safer than ever for flyers. The airports will be bracing for long delays due to the security threats.

As Americans will not be deterred by threats, and have not responded in the way that the terrorists would wish, it is looking like just another happy time with family and friends, with the jihadists left to their nefarious planning, hopefully getting caught before anyone is harmed.

The attempt to bomb a Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Oregon a few weeks ago is just one of the failed efforts of these violent fanatics. As the holidays are upon us, the watchfulness will be sharper, and everyone is being told to be more aware of their surroundings, and activities of suspicious characters, and items being left alone.

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